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Ocean Colour Scene tickets
NEIGHBOURHOOD WEEKENDER  at Victoria Park, Warrington

Performing at


Saturday 27th May 2023 - Sunday 28th May 2023

Victoria Park, Warrington

Doors at 12:00

About Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene have a truly devoted following.

Their rip-roaring live shows have long been one of the most extraordinary sights in modern rock - communal outpourings of hope and joy which boast the most life-affirming sing-a-longs you’ll ever hear.

However, their upcoming tour promises to be their most emotionally charged yet, as it marks 30 years since the release of the band’s debut single, ‘Sway’.

“I remember thinking back then that we were in it for the long haul, purely because we didn’t have a plan to do anything else,” says the band’s singer Simon Fowler. “Of course, we had no idea that we’d still be here thirty years later!”

OCS remain one of the most successful -and most loved- bands of the modern era. Having spent six years fine-tuning their sound, they lit up the Britpop party, chalking up three Top 5 albums- 1996’s Moseley Shoals, 1997’s Marchin’ Already and 1999’s One From The Modern and a run of nine successive Top 20 single’s including the immortal ‘The Riverboat Song’ (in total they have seventeen Top 40 singles and six Top Ten singles).

In the years since they’ve honed their craft in the spirit of the soul, folk and blues greats who inspired them- returning the favour in 2018 when they took Martha Reeves and The Vandellas out on tour. “We couldn’t quite believe that Martha Reeves was supporting us, it seemed absurd,” says Simon. “But our crowd loved it, she went down really well.”

While 2019 saw the band only play a handful of festivals and a low-key six date tour of Scotland (“We wanted to do something a bit different- go back to being The Beatles”) the tour dates in 2020 will see them back in their element- reaffirming a kinetic bond with their audience which grows stronger with each passing year.

“It’s great playing live these days because the mums and dads are at the back and their kids are down the front singing all the words,” says Simon with a smile. “We can’t wait to get back out there.”

Buckle up, it’s going to be quite a ride.

Ocean Colour Scene tickets are now available.

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