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Gigantic: A big, big love

The head-rush of anticipation when you enter the arena... The goose-bumps when your favourite artist arrives on stage... And the sheer elation of that epic encore...

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That's why we do what we do here at Gigantic.

Because when Mark, our founder, launched the company back in April 2007, he named it after his favourite track (it's by the Pixies - but you probably know that already).

Two million happy customers later, we're one of the UK's largest independent ticket agencies. And still have one simple aim - getting you into the events you love: from the 'next big thing' in an intimate local venue to global superstars in mega stadiums. And everything in between, too...

And here's the reassuring bit...


We work with many of the UK's major promoters, festivals and iconic venues

10 million+ tickets sold

With over 10 million tickets sold since 2007. We continue to grow and get fans into the gigs they love.

Nottingham - Robin Hood

We keep it real: no PO boxes or non-geographic phone numbers - we've been here in sunny(ish) Nottingham for over 15 years.

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We're full members of STAR, the UK's leading self-regulatory body for the entertainment ticketing industry

It's by the Pixies!

Above all, we believe in making life easy for you. That's why buying tickets is hassle-free with our account registration; getting in touch is a breeze via email, social networks or calls (your queries come directly to us - and get sorted super quickly); and entering shows is seamless with our mobile and e-ticket solutions. So you're in safe hands.

There are many online ticket retailers. But no-one shares your passion like us. In our office, the debates about the best bands, venues, seats (and hairstyles) rage constantly.

Like you, we live for the moments that only live events can create
(see you down the front!).


Whether for holidays, birthdays, special occasions, or "just because", treat someone special to a Gigantic Gift Card today.

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