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Gigantic has selected DX Secure to deliver your tickets. These tickets will be despatched to you using the DX Secure mail service.

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News and information for your delivery of Gigantic Tickets

Gigantic has selected DX Secure to deliver your tickets. These tickets will be despatched to you using the DX Secure mail service.
If you haven't yet received your tickets - please don't worry, you will receive them in time. We will be contacting you by email well before the event to let you know when your tickets will be delivered.

How will my tickets be delivered?

The delivery agent will attempt to gain a signature at the time of the delivery. If no one is in, for the majority of customers, the delivery agent will be able to make a decision to securely post the item through your post box. If the delivery agent feels there may be a risk in posting the tickets, for example a multi occupancy flat, they will either leave a calling card or we will contact you by email to let you know what to do next.

How secure will the delivery be?

The secure and safe delivery of your tickets is our priority. To ensure the tickets have been securely delivered, the hand held device the delivery agent carries, records the time and date, enables the delivery agent to a photograph, record a description and capture the geo co-ordinates of the property. Additionally, where possible, we will attempt to gain a signature

What if I am not in?

Do not worry, if we are not able to post your tickets, we will leave a calling card or contact you directly to advise you of the options available to you for the safe delivery of your tickets.

Will I need to show any ID?

On the initial delivery to the original address, we will either post them or anyone can sign for your tickets. ID will be required if we are not able to successfully deliver the item 1st time and need to redeliver. ID can be a valid driving license, passport or debit/credit card but must be in the ticket holder's name.

How do I track my item?

Please visit us at www.thedx.co.uk/tracking for the latest information regarding your tickets. You will need your tracking number and the postcode of the original address.

Can I choose a different date and delivery address?

Yes, if we are not able to successfully deliver your item, please visit www.thedx.co.uk/delivery, you will need the tracking number and the post code of the original delivery address. The tracking number will be provided in the emails we send you, or can be found on the calling card.

You can then choose your delivery address. This can be your home, work or a 3rd party address. Then choose a delivery day (Monday - Friday). Delivery will be made anytime between the hours of 9am - 5pm (we cannot specify times).

Can I choose a timed delivery

Yes, this option is available to Gigantic Ticket Customers. The options will be explained to you on our Automated telephone booking system, 0844 371 0000.

I have moved since ordering my tickets. What should I do?

You should either contact Gigantic Tickets or once you have received the first email from us, please let us know immediately of your new address.

Can someone else sign for my tickets?

Absolutely, if we do not deliver first time, anyone can sign for the tickets by producing your ID, for example your valid passport, driving license, debit or credit card.

Can I collect my tickets?

DX offer a collection service in some areas. You will need your DX calling card, letter or authorisation email plus identification. Please call the number on your calling card/letter to arrange collection.

What if I need more help?

Redelivery www.thedx.co.uk/delivery
Tracking information www.thedx.co.uk/tracking
Any questions 0844 371 0000
Alternatively you can contact us

If you have any questions about the delivery please contact DX directly by emailing at e-support@thedx.co.uk, but remember we WILL need your tracking number and original post code.

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