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#NewMusicFriday 20.09

Posted on Friday 20th September 2019 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Hi Gigantic gang,

Looking for the latest tunes to enjoy? Then you have come to the right place! Gigantic brings you its #NewMusicFriday blog and playlist which highlights the biggest new releases and offers you tickets to hear them played live.

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The Academic certainly proved themselves on debut album ‘Tales From the Backseat’ in 2018. Having now whetted our appetites, the Irish indie rockers return with their upbeat new track ‘AFTERTASTE’ which drives their sound ever forward.

"When it came to ‘Aftertaste’ it was a lot different to how we worked before. From a production standpoint we were a lot more involved. Sometimes there is a preconceived notion out there that if you are a guitar band, you should be in a particular lane. Our mindset when writing is less defined by what the stereotype of an indie band should sound like and be more about letting our songs be the best they can be." – Craig Fitzgerald

The Academic tickets are currently available.



THE SNUTS – ‘Maybe California

Having enjoyed a huge summer which saw them tear it up at Leeds \\ Reading, The Snuts now look to an equally massive autumn supporting Lewis Capaldi plus their newly released raucous single ‘Maybe California’.

The Glaswegian gang have also announced major headline gigs, including The Sugarmill in Stoke on Saturday 21st of September before heading down South to takeover Scala London on Tuesday 22nd of October.

The Snuts tickets are currently available.



PUMAROSA – ‘Heaven

Electro post punk quintet Pumarosa have just dropped their dreamy new song ‘Heaven’; the second single to be taken from their upcoming album ‘Devastation’ following the release of ‘Fall Apart’.

Singer Isabel Munoz-Newsome elaborates further, explaining it’s: "a love song. It's sadness and longing. When you don't want it to end. In a weightless place, suspended out of time. I guess that's just where you find yourself sometimes. And all you want is for the love to stay. Don't go! I guess "Heaven" has this celestial feel to it though, I can see outer space when I sing it and hear the music. Colours and points of light in endless darkness. Aching!"

Pumarosa tickets are currently available.






SAM FENDER – ‘Hypersonic Missiles

What is the point in writing a song if you having nothing to sing about? Fortunately, young polemicist Sam Fender is not short on ideas and throws punchy political statements on debut album ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ like a seasoned rock and roll pugilist.   

His first full length record is an excellent articulation of the youthful working-class frustrations of growing up in small-town North-East England which saw him win the Brit Awards Critics’ Choice for 2019.

Sam Fender tickets are currently available.



LIAM GALLAGHER – ‘Why Me? Why Not?

Following on from his first swaggering solo album ‘As You Were’, Liam Gallagher is back as bolshie as ever on successor LP ‘Why Me? Why Not?’ Taking a harder edge than his previous outing but staying true to his core, this new release is sure to delight his dedicated fanbase.

LG celebrated the release of his new record by filming an extra special MTV Unplugged at Hull City Hall which is expected to be released shortly and you can see our kid smash it on tour in November

Liam Gallagher tickets are currently available.

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