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#NewMusicFriday 07.02

Posted on Friday 7th February 2020 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

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Jimi Arundell

Hi Gigantic Gang,

We’re back with all the latest EP, singles and album releases you need to know with the #NewMusicFriday blog and playlist. Make sure you LIKE & FOLLOW Gigantic on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to get all the latest live music news.

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NOTHING, NOWHERE. – ‘nightmare

Massachusetts born musician, rapper and producer Joe Mulherin AKA nothing, nowhere continues to develop his international audience with the release of his brand new single ‘nightmare’.

I wrote nightmare while I was watching Purple Rain every night with the lights out. For days I would put the movie on mute and just be inspired by the visuals and the vibe. The final product seems like some sort of dystopian ’80s Miami Beach fever dream. Songs like these are the reason I love making music and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.” – nothing, nowhere

nothing, nowhere has a world tour with UK dates including Gorilla at Manchester, O2 Academy2 Birmingham, Bristol’s Fleece and Electric Ballroom in London during September – grab your tickets with Gigantic right now!

nothing, nowhere tickets are currently available.



RODDY WOOMBLE – ‘Everyday Sun

Taking a radically new and experimental direction, Roddy Woomble releases his minimal electronica and spoken word track ‘Everyday Sun’ which will appear on his forthcoming EP scheduled for release later in the year. Written with Idlewild bandmate Andrew Mitchell, the pair put down the guitars and forgo the piano which is often heard of Woomble’s solo work in favour of implementing synths and a stripped-down basic beat as themes of alienation, identity and the search meaning in a world absent of fixed points of certainty are explored. The soundscape was created by Mitchell in his Dundee studio and he would send over the sonic ideas whilst still in their infancy for Woomble to absorb and translate into lyrics.

I greatly enjoyed both of Andrew's instrumental solo albums (under his Andrew Wasylyk moniker), and really liked the idea of trying to read some of my words over his compositions. It was interesting just to have an electronic drumbeat to base my words around” – Roddy Woomble

Accompanying the heavily laden atmospheric track is a video shot by film director Danny Grant, who latched on to the repeated motifs of technology and how it both drives change whilst simultaneously sucking us into a digital abyss.

"I was watching a documentary from the early 1980s that had a section processed by video synthesizer, and was discussing how the abstraction of the processed images are an interesting representation of memory. The tech was pretty raw but there was something compelling about the quality of it, and as soon as I heard 'Everyday Sun' I thought of those images. There's some visuals taken from the lyrics – built up cities, empty spaces – and some abstract images, all processed to try and evoke the haze of a distant memory." – Danny Grant

Roddy Woomble tickets are currently available.






KAWALA – ‘Animals

North London is home to bright young hopefuls KAWALA whose fresh take on l indie pop is sweeping around the UK. Consisting of Jim Higson (Lead Vocals), Daniel McCarthy (Guitar, Vocals), Ben Batten (Drums), Reeve Coulson (Bass) and Dan Lee (Guitar); the band are generating even more excitement with the release of their new EP ‘Animals’.

Animals’ is four tracks of brightly polished emotional songs including lead title track, ‘Wash Away The Wild’, ‘Who’d You Rather’ and ‘Heavy In The Morning’. The boys will be showcasing their new material when they tour next month plus they make appearances at Live At Leeds then Latitude Festival.

KAWALA tickets are currently available.






DUB FX – ‘Roots

Pioneering dj DUB FX now drops his life affirming new album ‘Roots’ which you should play immediately at maximum volume.

"Self-empowerment is a strong theme throughout all my music. I feel like the only way to improve our society is to change ourselves so that we all make better decisions that impact the world around us. This song is a reflection on that" – Dub FX

Roots’ is now available on MP3 plus limited amounts of CD and vinyl which come accompanied with a comic book which explores each track of the record. Written by Dub FX, it is illustrated by carefully selected artists from all around the world.

"I wanted to write a story which gives a whole new perspective to what the song is about, yet keeps the essence of the overall message" – Dub FX

DUB FX has a huge tour which kicks off later this month and you can see him take over SWG3 (Studio Warehouse Glasgow), O2 Manchester Ritz, Concorde 2 at Brighton, Electric Brixton in London, The Mill at Birmingham and SWX at Bristol.

DUB FX tickets are currently available.



SMOKE FAIRIES – ‘Darkness Brings The Wonders Home

Blues rock duo Smoke Fairies have just dropped their first album in four years; ‘Darkness Brings The Wonders Home’ which is a beguiling guitar led voyage into the new unknown complete with gorgeous vocal harmonies over ten tracks and was certainly worth the wait. Schoolfriends Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies teamed up with producer Phil Ek (The Shins, Fleet Foxes, The Black Angels) for a month long session in session to create a ten track record which sees them create a new modern mythology, reimagining their South London hometown as a dwelling for sea monsters, strange augury and dark magic.

Times of darkness are when people are often the most imaginative. It helps you to see all the wonders of the world you hadn’t noticed before – the things you’ve been blind to because you’ve been on autopilot for so long.” – Jessica Davies

 ‘Darkness Brings The Wonders Home’ features the lead single ‘Disconnect’ which explores protecting yourself from the exposure created by desire and the vulnerability it can cause by choosing to limit how much you engage with the people around you.

It is a song about the idea of switching off your emotions – It’s hard to settle and commit to one person.  Meaningless encounters are so normal that it can leave you foolish when you desire something more from someone. I’d come across someone who gave the impression they didn’t need love, and made it look so simple. It’s a show I’ve acted out before, but it hurts when you’re on the rejected side. Teach me to disconnect so I can go along with this and be cool with not needing love in return.” – Katherine Blamire

Smoke Fairies tickets are currently available.



THE LONE BELLOW – 'Half Moon Light

Brooklyn based Americana trio The Lone Bellow first grabbed attention with their stunning debut self-titled album in 2013 which saw their name quickly spread all around the US thanks to prominent TV appearances on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and Late Show With David Letterman before establishing a strong fanbase here in the UK, thanks in part to their slot on Later… with Jools Holland. Now, Zach Williams (lead vocals, guitar), Kanene Donehey (bass, keys, mandolin, vocals) and Pipkin Brian Elmquist (guitar, vocals) are back with their incredible fifth album 'Half Moon Light’.

Produced by Aaron Dessner, guitarist of acclaimed indie rock band The National who recorded the LP in his upstate New York studio and featuring contributions from guitarist Josh Kaufman and drummer J.T. Baites, 'Half Moon Light’ is triumphant record which is packed full of the feelgood factor. Williams explains this was inspired by the real sense of community developing at the gigs, with fans brought together by their music which has touched them.

After singing ‘Count on Me’ together in the studio we walked outside and couldn’t help but think about the sense of camaraderie and kindness that seems to happen at our shows. Like strangers becoming neighbours wrapping their arms ‘round each others necks and saying ‘I got ya.'” – Zach Williams

The Lone Bellow tickets are currently available.

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