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Posted on Wednesday 29th April 2020 at 12:00

Jimi Arundell

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Jimi Arundell



Before a band headlines Glastonbury, a singer holds aloft a Grammy Award for that huge hit single or a Superstar DJ watches over thousands of arms reaching for the lasers, new artists need a space where they can first experience being on a stage and cut their teeth in front of a live audience which independent venues provide. In addition to the support they give to amateur musicians and fledgling stars, bars, clubs and gig spots are also essential to the surrounding communities for the jobs they create for bar staff, security, bloggers, photographers plus sound and lighting engineers.

Despite their vital importance, the doors of independent venues continue to permanently close at an alarming rate which is being further accelerated due to the current lockdown. Without immediate action, we could easily lose those special spots where we come together to socialise, to celebrate and enjoy the thrill of live music.

Gigantic supports the campaign to #SaveOurVenues as started by the Music Venue Trust and we list sites and organisations dedicated to keeping doors open after COVID-19 by providing funds and support plus highlight some of the ways you can get involved and help various venues right now!



Music Venue Trust

Since it’s foundation at the start of 2014, the Music Venue Trust has been offering support and advice to the many local stages that are so central to our communities, helping them to establish, grow and maintain their important work. In this important time of need, the Music Venue Trust has been leading the way for #SaveOurVenues by identifying the 556 cherished grassroots venues currently most at risk of permanent closure and fighting for more government support whilst also collecting financial contributions from the public.

"Without the support of music fans and artists literally hundreds of the UK’s grassroots music venues could go out of business, never to return, in the coming months. Please help to save every single grassroots music venue in the UK so that it can reopen after this crisis and continue to be a home to our musicians and our communities.” – Mark Davyd. MVT CEO

Gigantic is proud to be partnered with the Music Venue Trust. If you would like to make a donation to the Grassroots Music Venue Crisis fund, please click HERE.



Towersey Festival

Having ran for 55 years at Middle Claydon, Towersey Festival is the oldest independent festival in the country and is family run not for profit with the money made used to support the artists and local good causes. Sadly, due to the crisis organisers have been forced to postpone their wonderful weekend for the first time to return from Friday 27th till Monday 30th of August 2021. Whilst it guarantees the safety of their staff, artist and attendees it does mean that all maintenance funds have been wiped out threatening its existence. If you would like to support Towersey Festival, you can get involved with their Crowdfunder HERE which includes brilliant rewards on offer for supporters.



Focus Wales

Showcase festival Focus Wales invites delegates from various aspects of the industry and excited revellers to a huge multi-venue weekend at Wrexham, giving a platform for rising stars to be recognised plus an arena for experts to come together to discuss the issues of the day and the future for music. By welcoming 15,000 guests to town, it’s a huge boost for the local economy and over ten years has become an essential event for the discerning listener. Continuing to be a leading light during the COVID-19 crisis, Focus Wales have compiled a comprehensive list of resource sites giving support and fundraising to artists, promoters and venues in Wales and across the UK which you can find HERE.



NottStopping Festival

Celebrate the bank holiday on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of May with the exciting NottStopping Festival which promises to be a huge weekend of comedy, film, music and theatre connecting the people of Nottingham in support of Frontline Workers. It follows the tremendous success of Light Hustle, the online charity festival in aid of Nottingham independent creatives which saw intimate performances from the likes of Jake Bugg, Mr Switch, Scorzayzee and many more as organised by Circle Of Light, Hockley Hustle and I’m Not From London.



Le Pub

More than a bar and gig venue, Le Pub has been a crucial focal point for the Newport community for 25 years allowing fresh talent to take to the stage for the first time. Refusing to allow the crisis the claim them, Le Pub is running a truly impressive Crowdfunder campaign which offers some incredible exclusive goodies, including unique ‘We'll Weather The Storm Together’ prints, T shirts and tote bags by illustrator Matt Riste, enamel badges, a Le Pub Is For Lovers temp tattoo and more! Click HERE to get involved.

Plus, drinkers can double their pint if you buy a Budweiser right now HERE which will give you a voucher that you can use to claim for two once the pandemic has abated.



The Lexington

London is packed full of great venues and we especially love The Lexington. But being located right in the centre of the capital city comes at a cost and due to wages and rent, The Lexington is having to fork out in excess of £25K a month whilst their doors are having to remain shut. To try and raise some badly needed cash, The Lexy has come up with the fantastic idea of a good ol’ fashioned raffle, meaning everyone who donates over £10 HERE gets entered for some impressive prizes –  and those that give £30 or more will have their names inscribed on a supporters wall and be bestowed a black card giving you 10% off drinks forever more!



The New Adelphi Club

Determined to save the world from shit music; The New Adelphi Club in Hull has been a refuge for fans of the alternative and those with eclectic tastes after terraced house that was transformed into a social club was taken over by proprietor Paul Jackson in the early 80’s. It’s never been an easy ride for Jacko, always choosing quality over commerciality, meaning the wolves have never been far from the door but his keen ear has led to early gigs for such huge names as Oasis, Pulp, Radiohead, The Stone Roses, Manic Street Preachers, The Housemartins and IDLES. Click HERE to become a member of The Adelphi, grab a T shirt plus more fantastic merch!  DONATIONS are also very welcome.

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