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#NewMusicFriday 31.08

Posted on Friday 31st August 2018 at 11:00

Jimi Arundell

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Jimi Arundell

#NewMusicFriday is the soundtrack to your weekend! We bring you the very best new music currently being played in our offices that we just know you will love!

Gigantic has a real passion for music and we are always excited to hear all the latest releases and share them with you. Stick with us to hear the very best in new music plus book tickets to the hottest acts out right now.




Bring Me The Horizon – ‘MANTRA

MANTRA’ sees Bring Me The Horizon decry the illusions of organised religion, revealing how it prays of the fears of the vulnerable and brainwashes the multitudes into handing over their cash in the search for false security. Taken from their forthcoming album ‘Amo’, singer Oliver Sykes says this first taste is more in keeping with their previous material whilst the rest of the album sees the band push their sound like never before

“‘Mantra’ came a bit later. We wrote a lot of cool stuff but we were kind of scared, like ‘What are we gonna show people first?’… It’s not safe, but it’s a bit of what you know and love about us while pushing it out there. It’s not that it’s not representative, but every song on the record is completely different. It’s a lot more experimental than our last record.

Bring Me The Horizon have just announced massive gigs at Arena Birmingham and Cardiff Motorpoint Arena where you can hear their new material plus all their heavy hitting classic tracks.

Bring Me The Horizon tickets are currently available.






Anna Calvi – ‘Hunter

It isn’t often that we get a new release from Anna Calvi, but when they do happen you can be sure of something truly special. Her eponymously titled debut album spanned both critically and commercial success, breaking the Top 40 whilst also seeing her nominated for the illustrious Mercury Music Prize in 2011. Second album ‘One Breath’ saw her receive yet another Mercury nomination and sealed her reputation as one of Britain’s best song writers. Now nearly four years on, Calvi is back with her third LP ‘Hunter’ which seeks to break the confides of gender conformity

We have heard little so far, but the singles suggest a highly polished album which continues her trend for spellbinding songs which are so expertly crafted they feel almost effortless, practically hiding her seemingly limitless skill. ‘Don’t Beat The Girl Out Of My Boy’ is a rousing tale of adventure and escape: ‘Hunter’ sounds reminiscent of the gorgeous intro music from iconic television series Twin Peaks, with its delicate and dreamy atmospheric soundscape, explores desire; and ‘As A Man’ is a punchy account of liberated intimacy.

Anna Calvi tickets are currently available.



IDLES – ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance

Having been named in just about every Album Of Year list going and been lavished with endless critical acclaim from pretty much anyone with ears for their debut album ‘Brutalism’, one would imagine that it would be easy for IDLES to become crippled by the pressure and succumb to the stresses of Second-Album-Syndrome. However, our favourite politically charged Bristolian post punks show no sign of relenting their irresistible rise to the top and are back already with their second full length record ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’.

Whereas the ‘Brutalism’ took an almost shotgun approach to attacking the attempts of successive Conservative governments to dismantle the NHS and welfare state with a vignettes of the subsequent suffering and the tragedies of those who fell through the cracks of BREXIT Britain,  ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’ is a far more articulated rage which sees the band create their own language in a vehement attempt to identify the reasons why so many people are in pain and unite them in opposition.

Combining the collective woes born of austerity with their own personal heart-breaking histories whilst expertly expanding their granite hard bass lines, lacerating guitars and almost unhinged stream of conscious vocal delivery has seen them develop into one of this generations most thrilling live bands and they capture both the passion and the pathos on ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’ perfectly. The shared cathartic effect on both band and listener is so compelling it undoubtedly marks their second record as one of the most important albums of 2018.

IDLES tickets are currently available.



Juanita Stein – ‘Until The Lights Fade

When she’s not fronting indie rockers Howling Bells, Juanita Stein is often in demand and has been found working with the likes of Coldplay, Brandon Flowers and The Givegoods, whilst somehow finding the time to also forge her own highly successful solo career.

Taking its lead from her debut album ‘America’ released last year, ‘Until The Lights Fade’ continues her exploration of cultural landscapes through a melodic yet sparse Americana style which expands into a widescreen panning shot of her subject matter as the record begs to be used in a sepia drenched cult film out in the desert.

See Stein when she heads on over to cool London pub The Slaughtered Lamb for an essential headline gig on Monday 3rd of September. Tickets are extremely limited so book yours right now!

Juanita Stein tickets are currently available.



Menace Beach – ‘Black Rainbow Sound

Leeds chic geeks Menace Beach fast became the favourite band of many after bursting onto the festival circuit and releasing debut album ‘Ratworld’ in 2015 and their highly acclaimed follow up ‘Lemon Party’ which even came with a scratch n’ sniff inner sleeve two years later. Now they’re back with third outing ‘Black Rainbow Sound’.

First tastes of the third LP came with a title track which soars high and glides along with a vocal appearance from Brix Smith plus the single ‘Crawl In Love’ which suitably starts with an oddball calypso beat and an almost apologetic bizarre synth sound before erupting into an explosion of giddy euphoria reminiscent of the psychedelic summers of the sixties.

As ‘Black Rainbow Sound’ was reportedly created during late night sessions in the band’s studio where they would play with drum machines and analogue electronica equipment in the darkness, the band clearly benefitted from these daring forrays into new realms of sounds for them.

Menace Beach tickets are currently available.


Mogwai – ‘Kin

To know Mogwai is to love them. For over twenty years, the Glaswegian gang have been amongst the most prolific leaders of the post rock movement having produced nine impeccable albums, a vast amount of further studio and live releases plus provided the soundtrack to independent films, documentaries and the vital television shows.

Kin’ is taken from the upcoming science fiction film of the same name, featuring acting performances from Jack Reynor, Zoë Kravitz, James Franco, Carrie Coon plus Dennis Quaid, and is the first time Mogwai have provided the full-length score for a film.

Guitarist and sometimes singer Stuart Braithwaite said of their latest work; “It was amazing to do a project that was so different to anything we’ve done before and see how our music fits in a totally different environment to how it’s been used before."

Mogwai tickets are currently available.


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