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#NewMusicFriday 19.03

Posted on Friday 19th March 2021 at 15:01

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Hey Gigantic Gang,

We bring you the most exciting music releases, getting you ready for the weekend with #NewMusicFriday! Enjoy the hottest tunes as you browse through the best selection of tickets for gigs and festivals.

Enjoy yourself and we will see you soon xx





LAURAN HIBBERD – “How Am I Still Alive?” (with Lydia Night of The Regrettes)

Rising indie star Lauran Hibberd has revitalised the grunge sound of the 90’s for a new generation. Today, the Isle Of Wight guitar slinging songwriter has teamed up with Lydia Night, leader of LA punks The Regrettes, to release their brand-new slacker anthem “How Am I Still Alive?” Fusing the best elements of The Breeders and Letters To Cleo, Lauran and Lydia have combined to create a song that will have you paying air guitar in no time.

Doing a collaboration was something I’d always wanted to do. I’ve always felt it really important to work together with similar artists instead of working against them, especially in these times. I am super stoked to have Lydia (Night) sing on the track; I toured with The Regrettes in 2019 and THEY ROCK. It was so much fun, and I took so much from it, and Lydia is bad ass so YEAH!

Lauran Hibberd will be playing support for McFly later in the year. Plus, she appears at Neighbourhood Weekender which hits Victoria Park in Warrington from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th of September.

Lauran Hibberd tickets are currently available.



SQUID – “Paddling”

Merging post punk with hints of krautrock and electronica; Squid have emerged as one of the most intriguing acts to emerge from the depths in a long time. The Brighton band have just dropped new single “Paddling” which they say illustrates “the dichotomy between simple pleasures and decadent consumerism” and sounds suitably upbeat yet with a sinister off kilter prevailing edge.

“Paddling” will appear on the band’s upcoming debut album Bright Green Field which is released on 7th of May via Warp Records and is promoted with headline shows throughout the year currently on sale with Gigantic.

This album has created an imaginary cityscape. The tracks illustrate the places, events and architecture that exist within it. Previous releases were playful and concerned with characters, whereas this album is darker and more concerned with place—the emotional depth of the music has deepened.” – Ollie Judge

Squid tickets are currently available.






WILLIAM DOYLEGreat Spans of Muddy Time

Wonderfully eccentric songwriter William Doyle constant reinvents the shape and sound of synth-pop. Having earned a Mercury Music Prize early in his career for debut LP Total Strife Forever, he has continued to make good on his promise to evolve into something wonderful. Continuing to enjoy the thrill of experimentation, the Bournemouth boy has allowed the creative process to consume him completely resulting in fourth album Great Spans of Muddy Time which is his boldest and best work yet.

Prompted by the death of his hard dive, Doyle was forced to shun digital means or writing and recording and return to analogue technology to create his new songs. The resulting record has become wildly unpredictable even for him, as he lets goes of all preconceived ideas and methods and indulges his passions to the fullest.

The album this turned out to be – and that I’ve wanted to make for ages – is a kind of Englishman-gone-mad, scrambling around the verdancy of the country’s pastures looking for some sense. It has its seeds in Robert Wyatt, early Eno, Robyn Hitchcock, and Syd Barrett.

William Doyle tickets are currently available.



BLACK HONEYWritten & Directed

Ever since the release of their stunning self-titled debut album in 2014, Brighton based alt rockers Black Honey have been steadily building their fanbase and making prominent appearances across the UK festival circuit and beyond. Now, with the release of new record Written & Directed, they have a real shot of breaking out and becoming the main feature.

Oozing with attitude, singer/guitarist Izzy Baxter Phillips has always taken huge influence from cult films and Tarantino movies and Written & Directed pushes her inspiration even further to make the entire album feel like the score to the greatest flick that never was.

When we were making the record, we didn’t have the title alone, just thinking a lot about the arching perspectives that we wanted to deliver. With every song that we made, we were like, does this fit into a movie? If the answer was yes, what scene does it fit into?” – Izzy Baxter Phillips

See Black Honey take their kitsch-cool record on tour during Autumn 2021 – tickets on sale with Gigantic!

Black Honey tickets are currently available.



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