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Posted on Friday 8th January 2021 at 15:00 by Gigantic Tickets

Hey Gigantic Gang,

Guess who is back with a whole new year of the hottest music release? That’s right; Gigantic is the best place to discover all your new favourite tunes, tracks and artists with our weekly #NewMusicFriday blog and playlist! 🎉

Every week, we handpick all the awesome albums and sizzling singles you need to know and carefully curate the ultimate soundtrack to your weekend – so make sure you keep coming back to discover the latest bangers and get tickets to hear them played live.

We can’t wait to hear what 2021 will bring, and we love to share your passion to music. Let’s make the future a wonderful place to be, together.

Its good to see you again xx





PASSENGERSongs For The Drunk And Broken Hearted

Normally, an album titled Songs For The Drunk And Broken Hearted would be the perfect soundtrack to try and wash away the lingering pain and regrets still fresh from your embarrassments at the work Christmas party. But because nobody got to go to one, we can simulate those mad highs and self-destructive lows with the brand-new Passenger record!

Michael Rosenburg is showing no lack of enthusiasm or diminishing talent on his (lucky) 13th album. Full of broken charm and relatable resigned fatalism, Songs For The Drunk And Broken Hearted is yet another triumph in a career packed full of high points for this Ivor Novello Award-winning indie folk star.

See Passenger play headline dates during September in support of his new material – tickets on sale with Gigantic!

Passenger tickets are currently available.




Viagra Boys are straight in with an early contender for album of the year in the very first month of 2021, having just dropped their stunning second LP Welfare Jazz! Satisfyingly seedy, it’s an unabridged, deep dive into the underworld stumbling into sexism, anxiety, addiction and leaving no subject unaddressed by their abrasive humour.

Saxophones wail as drawling singer Sebastian Murphy leads us down a dark path of his stream of consciousness, accompanied by some seriously impressive bass groves and grinding guitars. The Swedish post punks continue to be a vital force.

You can’t go around and take everything you’ve done completely seriously. And, I don’t know, I’m not really a serious person either but I don’t know, I definitely think humour and satire is really important to stay positive, and in your outlook in life, and also to stay positive in your own self-image and not to be too hard on yourself and stuff like that. Just realize, you know, life sucks, so you know, make the best of it.” – Sebastian Murphy

Viagra Boys tickets are currently available.

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