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Gary Numan + Jayce Lewis Rock City, Nottingham

Saturday 7th October 2017

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Gary Numan plus support O2 Institute Birmingham, Birmingham

Wednesday 11th October 2017
October 2017
Gary NumanRock CityNottingham18:30
Gary NumanO2 Institute BirminghamBirmingham19:00View
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"he still has it, in spades"
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Gary Numan, The Assembly, Leamington Spa - 29th July 2017

I saw Numan once before, 1979 at Sheffield City Hall, OMD supporting. I took two of my kids, my lad is a massive fan anyway. Great venue, really like it; seemingly Victorian music hall, in decent nick, nice floorboards, big bar, great access and view even though it was pretty much a packed house of fans, most my age or older. I'll go through it song by song for the ones that really stood out either way, but really if you are a fan at all, I reckon you would love the show. He has turned into a bit of a showman over the years. Yes, he repeats his movements, yes he has taken influence in turn from people he influenced way back, but this is all fine. He is making new music that is very worthwhile, mostly. I have seen Buzzcocks and Gang of Four fail at this in the last couple of years because they are not trying to keep creating. At least Numan has that need and drive.

1. Everything Comes Down to This; from Splinter, fab opener, drama all the way and excellently punchy version.
2. Films fantastic; not messed around with much at all, straight to the point, vocals a little low in the mix
3. Bed of Thorns from the upcoming release 'Savage'; maqam scales, cinematic, vast, brooding stuff indeed.
4. Metal; in heaven, one of my fave tracks.
5. Ghost Nation; from new album, not so familiar with this yet, not a stand out but not bad.
Jagged: more of the arabic fixation he has; lots of open spaces. gave your ears a rest, well, for the gaps at least :-)
6. We're the Unforgiven
7. Mercy: from the new album
8. A Prayer for the Unborn; nice sequencing. really, really reminded me of an old, old song (melodically) but just can't remember which!
9. Here in the Black. One of my faves from the evening although this period os not my favourite Numan era, I am a big 'first 4' albums chap, myself)
10. My Name is Ruin (Performed with his daughter Persia) Triffic; his girl can sing a bit, too.
11. Cars. No, not for me. It was fine, fans of this song won't be disappointed but it felt a bit clumsy, tbh, musically speaking. I reckon he plays around sometimes because he is sick of playing the kits.
12. When the World Comes Apart; too messy for me, maybe it was the mix but the complex rhythm stuff really didn't gel.
13.Love Hurt Bleed; on the money. this was very present, very brutal and clean, you could feel his confidence all over the room on this song in particular.
14. Down in the Park; bloody great, fat version, muscular but still had sensitivity enough for the spoken parts to be chilling and poignant.
15. Are 'Friends' Electric? no, did not work for me; the bass synth was essentially a fat tuba kind of squelch that made the song sound comedic, a bit off for me.
Overall though, I am very very happy I went and my kids loved it too. Thank you Gary, great job well done and try to ignore that haters

Posted by Richard Todd on 30/07/2017

The prince of electric pop and one of the icons of the late 1970s and early ‘80s, Gary Numan is back and touring once again, with a series of gigs that takes you right back to those heady days of New Romanticism. An alternative to the brashness of punk, New Romanticism claimed back the idea that music could be more complex and more ‘user friendly’, and embraced a new generation of music fans who still wanted to have their own identity. Gary Numan’s Tubeway Army and then his solo work were at the vanguard of the movement. And as music and fashion from the 1980s are currently undergoing a revival, Numan’s career is on the ascendancy once again.

Real name Gary Anthony James Webb, Numan is probably best known for a slightly accented vocal style (thanks to his West London upbringing), and a somewhat wooden stage presence, which he originally put down to his, in his own words, “extreme self-consciousness and lack of showmanship". Nevertheless, an army of fans - known as Numanoids - loved his style and his unique take on electronic pop. Today, Numan is much more assured on stage, and the slightly awkward manner has been replaced by a cool confidence that is reflected in a stronger sound.

After spending the 1990s working on musical scores for films, the revival in interest in Numan’s music has been spearheaded by the acknowledgement of his influence on such musicians as Foo Fighter’s frontman Dave Grohl and even Marilyn Manson. Other contemporaries who cite him as an influence include Jarvis Cocker, Damon Albarn and Beck.

Numan has released a total of no fewer than 41 albums, ranging from the seminal ‘The Pleasure Principle’ in 1979 to the most recent outing ‘From Inside’ in 2014. With such a huge back catalogue to draw from, his live gigs are a cross-section of over 35 years in the industry, and a sound that is unique, instantly recognisable and as fresh today as it was back in 1979. If you want to rediscover your misspent youth or are new to Numan, then grab Gary Numan tickets from Gigantic now.

Numanoids everywhere are getting excited for the return of their hero to the live stage.

Just announced; The Assembly at Leamington Spa on Saturday 29th July, 2017.

See him play at Rock City in Nottingham and O2 Institute Birmingham during October, 2017.

Concert tickets are always sold in limited amounts. So make sure you book early if you want to see the enigmatic electronic icon.

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