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About The Members

Formed in 1977 The Members are NOT a Hardcore band - they play UK 1977 Style Punk, Post Punk and Reggae (they were one of the first punk groups to successfully incorporate reggae into their set).
Their biggest hit, the million selling, \"Sound of the Suburbs\", has appeared on TV Commercials and movies all over the world and is an instantly recognisable Punk Anthem. Their single \"Offshore Banking Business\" is as pertinent today as it was 30 years ago.

The line-up is guitarist JC Carroll and bass player, Chris Payne, who have been in the band since 1977, along with featured punk rock legend, Rat Scabies (a founder member of The Damned), on drums (Rat played on the first ever UK Punk Record \"Neat Neat Neat\"). JC and Rat first played together in a short lived supergroup with Dee Dee Ramone in 2003. Between them they have played with Dee Dee, Johnny Thunders & Sid Vicious they are survivors of the 1977 Generation.

Since re-forming in 2008, The Members have played shows all ove

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