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Posted on Monday 23rd March 2020 at 12:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Become A Blogger


Are you reading this blog? Maybe you’re enjoying it and would love to have a go yourself (if so please let us know in the comments) or think this is rubbish and can do better (keep that to yourself though). In either case, it’s easy to get blogging and all you need is an idea and an account with a site like Wordpress or Tumblr.

You can write about anything; from your favourite TV programmes, a complete unabridged history of Hubba Bubba bubble gum or even an online diary telling everyone your deepest, darkest secrets – if you dare! Try and think of innovative articles that give a hot take on a topic of interest or provide a new insight that others might not have seen before. It really helps to have a partner to bounce ideas off or someone you trust to read through and help you edit before you post.

When you feel you want to make the leap to the next level, you could look at getting your very own dedicated site and there’s plenty of services that will help you to easily create your own including Wix, Weebly and Squarespace.

And remember, people’s attention spans are so short and they’re getting worse so always stick to the golden rule TL;DR – Too Long; Didn’t Read.

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