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Spotlight On: Black Lips Mega Pit Party

Posted on Friday 3rd November 2017 at 12:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Not so long ago, the gig goers of London found themselves bored. Too many bands were playing soulless shows, formatted far too rigidly which was sucking all the joyous spontaneity and riotous action from rock and roll.

Fluffer Records made it their mission to bring the true spirit of punk attitude back to the capital. Carefully selecting acts known for their thrilling live performances and unique spaces to use as venues to recapture the energy and excitement of DIY gigs; the Pit Parties were born.



Now, get ready for Black Lips Mega Pit Party. The Georgian garage rockers are joined by a mighty line-up which includes the unstoppable Future Of The Left, alternative supergroup Warmdüscher and intrepid psyche explorers Madonnatron. Plus, DJ sets from experimental noise artists Bo Ningen and sharp post punks PINS.

Taking place on Friday 24th of November at The Coronet on New Kent Road which is found south of the Thames in London, you are sure it will be one hell of a good time!



We take a closer look at the blistering bands you can see towards the end of the month.



Black Lips Mega Pit Party is partnered with DIY Mag, Orange Amps and Pistonhead Beer.



CLICK HERE for your Black Lips Mega Pit Party tickets.



The Black Lips

The embodiment of scuzzy glamour, Black Lips veer wonderfully from effortlessly cool garage rock to ramshackle anti folk ditties. Heading up the Mega Pit Party, with their agitational yet good natured attitude, they make the perfect headliners for such an awesome line-up.


Future Of The Left

Cult classic band Future Of The Left take the brutal edge of math rock and apply it to everything that pisses them off, be it the Countryside Alliance, band T-shirt posers, Sky News or endless film franchises that cynically squeeze all the joy out of movies.



Rounding up rogue elements from Fat White Family, Childhood and Paranoid London, Warmdüscher amalgamate all their weirdness and dirty beats then process it into art rock that must be pretty unhealthy for your psyche upon listening.



Flawlessly executing their own interpretation of neo psyche, applying plenty of witchcraft mystery and esoteric menace, Madonnatron are the London based four-piece that are fast emerging as the critics favourite. Get your first taste of their potent brew right here!



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