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Spotlight On: Metronome

Posted on Tuesday 16th October 2018 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

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Jimi Arundell

Nottingham has a long-established reputation for being a creative epicentre right in the heart of the UK. Attracting attention from far and wide, the vibrant arts and music scene is reflected in the many talented performers in various fields and unique spaces the city produces. Boasting a 350-capacity venue, five world class recording studios, fourteen rehearsal spaces and even exhibition space a gallery and bar, Metronome is the ambitious new hotspot to open right in the middle of the Creative Quarter.

Having just opened their doors this month, Metronome has already played host to internationally renowned classical and flamenco guitar player David Buckingham whilst incredible 16-piece ensemble The Invisible Orchestra, award-winning DJ Formaet and famed innovative beatboxer THePETEBOX played a sold out show. This is just a taste of what the upcoming cross-media programme Metronome aims to provide.


David Buckingham plays the opening night of Metronome


With the option to accommodate the latest high definition screens and interactive technology, Metronome offers more than just a space for watching music with the possibility of including conferences, lectures and even video game tournaments. Currently there is a Q&A plus workshop scheduled with awesome electronic music producer Iglooghost, a chance to see the awe-inspiring movie ‘Parasol Peak’ which details the story of pioneering hangpan player Manu Delago’s daring adventure to compose whilst navigating the peaks of the alps who will also be making a live performance and GameCityNights will be discussing the latest innovations in gaming.


The Invisible Orchestra play a sold-out show at Metronome


Metronome has been created by the expert team at Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, combining a place of excellence where students can learn as well as venue offering unique events for the public to enjoy. Craig Chettle, the Founder and Chief Executive Confetti of Creative Technologies had this to say;

We’re thrilled to be joining the stellar line-up of venues in Nottingham with our exciting, distinct new centre, Metronome. We’re bringing something new to the City and the region with Metronome. And it’s only been possible because of our 25 years’ experience running Confetti; the special relationship with our parent company Nottingham Trent University, and our ability to quickly respond to the ever-changing world of creative technologies. Metronome will deliver one of the most ambitious and diverse programmes in the UK - live music of all kinds, moving image, e-sports and videogames, talkers and thinkers - they’re all going to find a unique new home here.


THePETEBOX wows audiences at Metronome


Gigantic is very excited to be working with this dynamic new venue and we cannot wait to see what exciting new prospects Metronome will bring to the people and students of Nottingham.  Keep scrolling to see a summary of all the incredible acts who will be playing there in October.

CLICK HERE to browse through all events at Metronome and book your tickets.





19/10    Arun Ghosh

Composer and music educator, Arun Ghosh is best known for his expertise on the clarinet. Named as Jazz Instrumentalist Of The Year by the APPJA / Parliamentary Jazz UK Awards ion 2014, you can be sure of a thrilling evening of music.

Arun Ghosh tickets are currently available.



24/10    BCUC

BCUC draw influence from the indigenous music of their home city Soweto in South Africa and fuse it with elements of funk, punk-rock and hip hop to create a unique synthesis of the traditional and modern. Shebeen songs are played alongside church music, creating a sense of urgency with an added dimension of spirituality.     

BCUC tickets are currently available.



26/10    International Teachers of Pop

Uniting the talents of Leonore Wheatley (The Soundcarriers / Whyte Horses) with Adrian Flanagan and Dean Honer (The Moonlandingz / Eccentronic Research Council), International Teachers of Pop is the new indie disco supergroup dedicated to making the world weird.

International Teachers of Pop tickets are currently available.



28/10    The UFO Orchestra (Hockley Hustle)

The UFO Orchestra is the mighty 60-piece collective from Nottingham boasting some of the city’s fiercest musical talent, with guest appearances form Nina Smith, Natalie Duncan and Motormouf. Their performance at Metronome will be part of the huge Hockley Hustle all day festival.

Hockley Hustle tickets are currently available.



31/10    The Seshen

Looking for the very best in funk, R&B, synth-pop and psyche? The Seshen are centred around singer Lalin St. Juste and the band’s bassist plus producer Akiyoshi Ehara who create sumptuous tough provoking disco as featured on their album ‘Flames & Figures’.

The Seshen tickets are currently available.













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