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On Repeat: June

Posted on Friday 28th June 2024 at 16:00

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We’re almost at the midway point of the year as June reaches its end. And as the sun finally arrives after a wet start to festival season, we’re cranking up the feel-good summer tunes in the latest edition of Gigantic Tickets’ On Repeat series.

Take a look below at our chosen tracks this month, and listen to the playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.

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“BIRDS OF A FEATHER” – Billie Eilish

Multi-award-winning artist Billie Eilish captivates once again with her hauntingly beautiful single "BIRDS OF A FEATHER." This track, part of her critically acclaimed album Hit Me Hard and Soft, explores themes of companionship and mutual understanding with Eilish's signature whispery vocals and minimalist production. Accompanied by a moody, atmospheric video, the song further cements Eilish's place as a master of emotionally resonant music.



“U Should Not Be Doing That” – Amyl and The Sniffers

Australian punk rockers Amyl and The Sniffers unleash raw energy in their electrifying track "U Should Not Be Doing That." Known for their explosive live performances, the band delivers a fast-paced anthem that critiques societal norms and expectations. The gritty guitar riffs and Amy Taylor's fiery vocals make this song a rebellious declaration against conformity.



“Columbia” – Oasis

Britpop legends Oasis deliver a wall of sound with their anthemic track "Columbia," featured on their debut album Definitely Maybe. This song showcases the band's knack for combining swaggering vocals and powerful guitar work, creating an immersive sonic experience. The raw intensity and hypnotic rhythm of "Columbia" highlight why Oasis remains a defining force in rock music.



“Just Like Honey” – The Jesus and Mary Chain

The Jesus and Mary Chain's "Just Like Honey" is a timeless classic from their debut album Psychocandy. With its fuzzy guitar tones and reverb-drenched vocals, the song captures the essence of the band's signature shoegaze sound. This track's dreamy, melancholic vibe has made it an enduring favorite, encapsulating the bittersweet nature of young love.





“Death to the Holy” – Zeal & Ardor

Experimental metal project Zeal & Ardor delivers a powerful statement with "Death to the Holy," blending black metal with spirituals and blues. This track from their album Stranger Fruit challenges religious dogma with intense lyrics and genre-defying instrumentation. The result is a hauntingly unique sound that pushes the boundaries of modern metal.





“Bleed” – Meshuggah

Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah presents an unrelenting assault on the senses with "Bleed," a standout track from their album obZen. Known for their complex rhythms and technical prowess, Meshuggah creates a brutal yet mesmerizing experience through relentless drumming and intricate guitar work. "Bleed" is a testament to the band's innovative approach to heavy music.



“Mood Swings” – IDLES

Post-punk band IDLES offer a visceral exploration of emotional turbulence with their cover of Little Simz's "Mood Swings." Featured as a Spotify Singles release, the track combines raw, cathartic vocals with driving instrumentation, creating an intense listening experience. This is an essential cover for both fans of IDLES and its creator Little Simz.





“Treat Each Other Right” – Jamie xx

British producer Jamie xx crafts a mesmerising dance track with "Treat Each Other Right," blending elements of house, electronic, and soul. This single is a testament to Jamie xx's ability to create uplifting, euphoric soundscapes that inspire listeners to move and connect. The track's infectious rhythm and positive message make it a standout in his diverse discography.



“I CAN’T LOSE YOU” – Confidence Man

Australian electro-pop band Confidence Man deliver a catchy, danceable anthem with "I CAN’T LOSE YOU." This high-energy track features pulsating beats, playful vocals, and an irresistible groove that invites listeners to the dance floor. Known for their flamboyant style and infectious energy, Confidence Man continues to captivate with their vibrant and fun approach to pop music.





“Drowning Mind” – goddard. & Billy Lockett

Electronic artist goddard. teams up with singer-songwriter Billy Lockett for the emotive track "Drowning Mind." The song blends atmospheric production with heartfelt lyrics, showcasing Lockett's soulful voice against goddard's lush electronic backdrop. "Drowning Mind" is a poignant exploration of mental health struggles, resonating with listeners through its raw vulnerability.





“Please Please Please” – Sabrina Carpenter

Pop sensation Sabrina Carpenter delivers a heartfelt plea in her single "Please Please Please." This track, characterised by its catchy melody and emotional depth, showcases Carpenter's vocal prowess and songwriting skills. The song's earnest lyrics and polished production make it a standout in her growing catalogue of pop hits and an instant classic.



“Don’t” – Honeyglaze

Indie trio Honeyglaze presents a moody and introspective track with "Don’t." The song features dreamy guitar lines and introspective lyrics, creating an atmospheric soundscape that draws listeners in. Honeyglaze's unique blend of indie rock and shoegaze elements makes "Don’t" a compelling addition to the modern indie music scene.



“Sincerely, Yours” – Victory Lap

Alternative rock band Victory Lap delivers an anthemic and heartfelt track with "Sincerely, Yours." The song combines powerful vocals with driving guitars, creating an emotionally charged sound that resonates with listeners. "Sincerely, Yours" captures the essence of modern rock with its blend of passion and melodic hooks.




“Coming Home” – beabadoobee

Indie singer-songwriter beabadoobee offers a nostalgic and warm tune with "Coming Home." This track features gentle acoustic guitar and heartfelt lyrics, showcasing her signature lo-fi sound. "Coming Home" is a tender reflection on longing and belonging, highlighting beabadoobee's ability to connect with her audience on a deeply personal level.





“Everything and Nothing” – SOFT PLAY

British punk duo SOFT PLAY (formerly known as Slaves) delivers a hard-hitting and thought-provoking track with "Everything and Nothing." The song's aggressive instrumentation and raw vocals tackle themes of societal disillusionment and personal introspection. SOFT PLAY's relentless energy and punk ethos shine through, making "Everything and Nothing" a standout in their repertoire.





“National Rust” – Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard

Welsh rock band Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard channels classic rock influences in their energetic track "National Rust." With its catchy riffs and anthemic chorus, the song exudes a retro vibe while addressing contemporary issues. The band's charismatic performance and nostalgic sound make "National Rust" a fresh take on classic rock traditions.





“Heaven’s Got Nothing On You” – The Struts

Glam rockers The Struts deliver a feel-good anthem with "Heaven’s Got Nothing On You." This track features infectious melodies, vibrant guitar riffs, and Luke Spiller's charismatic vocals. The song's exuberant energy and catchy hooks make it a perfect addition to any rock playlist, showcasing The Struts' flair for creating timeless, feel-good music.





“Hell Is Near” – St. Vincent

Avant-garde artist St. Vincent explores dark and introspective themes with her haunting track "Hell Is Near." Known for her innovative approach to music, St. Vincent combines eerie synths, unsettling lyrics, and her unique vocal delivery to create a chilling atmosphere. The song delves into existential dread, making it a compelling listen for fans of experimental music.





“Long For Ruin” – Joan As Police Woman

Singer-songwriter Joan As Police Woman offers a soulful and contemplative track with "Long For Ruin." The song features rich instrumentation and Joan's emotive vocals, weaving a tapestry of introspective lyrics and lush melodies. "Long For Ruin" highlights her ability to blend elements of soul, jazz, and indie rock into a cohesive and deeply moving piece.





“Perfect Day” – Kirsty MacColl, Evan Dando

Kirsty MacColl and Evan Dando deliver a poignant cover of Lou Reed's "Perfect Day," infusing it with their unique vocal harmonies and emotional depth. This rendition captures the bittersweet essence of the original while adding a fresh perspective through their distinct musical styles. The collaboration between MacColl and Dando creates a beautifully melancholic tribute to a timeless classic.




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