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#NewMusicFriday 31.01

Posted on Friday 31st January 2020 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Hey Gigantic Gang,

Believe it or not but it’s FINALLY the end of January. The month that seems last longer than the Ice Age is just about to come to a close so to help you celebrate is your weekly dose of hot track goodness in the form of our #NewMusicFriday blog and playlist!

Gigantic knows good music and every week we bring you a round up of the very best singles and albums you need to know, a little vital info plus access to buying tickets to hearing your new favourite artist playing live.

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Let us know what you think of all these tunes in the comments below and we’ll see you down the front xx








Anticipation is high for the release of London-based singer/songwriter Brooke Bentham’s debut album ‘Everyday Nothing’ and third single ‘Control’ certainly wets our appetite even more. The grunge inspired song looks at the effects of the internet and social media, as comments and actions in cyberspace bleed into the real world and fills our minds.

"'Control' is about 2020 paranoia. I think the more time we’ve had with the internet, the more of ourselves we give away and so the more people can chip away at you. I wrote it when someone had blocked me out, and not said anything to me. All I could do was overthink it. I couldn’t talk to them about it. I loved turning that romantic sentiment 'Can’t get you out of my head’ into this total non-romantic paranoia. I think it was more about me than that person, because it got to me so much."

Everyday Nothing’ is produced by Bill Ryder-Jones and is released on the 28th of February by AllPoints.

I’ve worked with some amazing songwriters in my career. I think Brooke at 23 is well on her way to being up there with Alex (Turner), Saint Savoir, Mick (Head) and James (Skelly). Her lyric writing will be overlooked because of her voice but it is her words that will set her apart from others.” – Bill Ryder-Jones

Brooke Bentham tickets are currently available.



THE SNUTS – ‘Fatboy Slim

Giving a nostalgic nod to the huge 90’s raves on Brighton beach courtesy of the former bassist of The Housemartins, ‘Fatboy Slim’ is the new banging anthem from The Snuts.

The song is a nod to the nostalgic subculture of live music across the UK in the 90s and similar decades. Toying with the idea of sampled drum loops and an electronic music styled structure the track is intended to pay homage to Fatboy Slims notorious set at Brighton beach almost 15 years ago” – Jack Cochrane

Fatboy Slim’ is taken from the boys next ‘Mixtape’ EP which was record in L.A. with Inflo (Little Simz, Michael Kiwanuka, Karen O / Danger Mouse) plus Tony Hoffer (M83, Beck, Goldfrapp) and also includes the tracks ‘All Your Friends’, ‘Coffee & Cigarettes’, ‘Don’t Forget It (Punk)’ and ‘Broadwalk’.

The Snuts tickets are currently available.




It’s been a while since Gothenburg based synth-pop band Little Dragon have been in the studio, but thankfully they are back with catchy new track ‘Hold On’. The lead single will feature on the Swedish band’s forthcoming long awaited fifth album ‘New Me, Same Us’ which will be their first LP in three years.

This album has been the most collaborative for us yet, which might sound weird considering we’ve been making music together for all these years, but we worked hard at being honest, finding the courage to let go of our egos and be pieces of something bigger.

We are all on our own personal journeys, full of change, yet still we stand united with stories we believe in, that make us who we are.

Little Dragon tickets are currently available.






TORRES – ‘Silver Tongue

Floridian indie rocker Mackenzie Scott AKA Torres has just dropped her latest LP ‘Silver Tongue’ which is a compelling statement of self and a true artistic triumph.

I made exactly the record I want, and it feels very ‘me’.

Recorded at O'Deer in Brooklyn in New York, self-produced by Scott and engineered by Jeff Zeigler (Kurt Vile, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, The War on Drugs); her fourth record is relatively short, comprised of just nine tracks. However,  it reveals the experiences of a song writer that has weathered times of trouble to become truly confident in herself and succeeds a culmination and development of her previous work.

’Silver Tongue’ may prove to be a bridge, between a time of turbulence and a period of renewed creative independence. However, even in that, this record is proof that she can remain uncompromisingly herself.” – The Skinny

Re-emerging with off the grid mystique, Torres retains the grit of past efforts while doubling down on off-kilter charisma, securing a slick slice of alt-pop; her most complete and consistent yet.” – DIY

Torres tickets are currently available.



DESTROYER – ‘Have We Met

Dan Bejar has now been working under the stage name Destroyer for quarter of a century and now he releases (lucky for some) thirteenth album ‘Have We Met’ which once again allows his keen wit and song writing prowess to shine through ten tracks of highly polished synth based art-pop.

Despite being so far into his career Bejar’s huge creative streak is certainly undiminished as ‘Have We Met’ continues to see him push himself both musically and lyrically, exploring themes of isolation, modern angst and searching for a sense of identity.

It’s been more of a challenge than usual, than the last couple of records, I’ll say that. We’re a rock band and it’s not a rock record. Anyone really attracted to the icy sheen of the record will be gravely disappointed in what we do with the songs. But I really like having this stage version of the band, and then the studio version. I’m completely fine with the two versions not really talking, or even being enemies of each other.

Have We Met’ is released on CD, MP3 and vinyl including a limited-edition seafoam green pressing which comes with optional Destroyer pin badge of Bejar’s solemn face. Also, don’t miss your chance to see him showcase the new material when he plays Village Underground on Tuesday 5th of May.

Destroyer tickets are currently available.

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