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#NewMusicFriday 27.11

Posted on Friday 27th November 2020 at 15:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Hey Gigantic Gang,

It might be Black Friday but why waste your money or stupid gadgets that clutter the house and silly things you don’t need when everyone knows all you need is good music!

Forget the bargains that are too good to be true and get listening to all the hottest releases of the day with #NewMusicFriday – Gigantic’s essential blog and playlist which is your ultimate soundtrack to the weekend. Plus, you can grab tickets to hear your new favs too!

See you soon xx





TIM BURGESS – ‘Ascent Of The Ascended

While COVID might have brought the world to a standstill, The Charlatans singer Tim Burgess seems to have taken over with #timstwitterlisteningparty – essential listening for the lockdown! When he’s not been hosting his social media shindigs and following hot on the heels of his album ‘I Love The Sky’ (available HERE), the charming north country boy has somehow found the time to also record his latest solo EP; ‘Ascent Of The Ascended’!

There was an energy that came from recording the album with such a brilliant band - I didn’t want it to end, I wanted to record a bit of a magnum opus, which is where Ascent of the Ascended came in. I’d always wanted to work with Charles Hayward from This Heat, so we have him a ring and he said yeah. With “Yours. To Be” being almost like an instant feeling you get in a moment, very rarely in your life - the two songs are so different but they somehow complement each other. So an EP was the perfect idea.”

We had so many plans for playing live this year - from South by Southwest to Glastonbury and everything in between. But that wasn’t to be. We played four shows in New York before lockdown happened - so our session for Paste Magazine was such a rare event, we’ve included the songs to complete the EP.

Ascent Of The Ascended’ is out today via Bella Union and you can see Tim Burgess when he does the rounds, playing headline shows throughout April 2021. Plus, you can see him make an appearance at essential new festivals GET TOGETHER & SIGNALS FESTIVAL – grab your tickets with Gigantic!

Tim Burgess tickets are currently available.






Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong goes alone for his feelgood covers album ‘No Fun Mondays’ which sees him revisit his favourite punk and new wave songs. First started as a bit of fun whilst stuck in lockdown, it’s now become a celebratory record to enjoy whilst waving Trump goodbye.

I did ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ first, and it all just started off as something to just keep me busy because I knew that the rest of the year was getting cancelled. I released it on my Instagram to fans and the response was really good. Everybody was saying that it was just nice to hear some music and feel a little bit normal. The sentiment was right.

Green Day have announced their awesome Hella Mega Tour for Summer 2021. Joined by such mighty bands as Fall Out Boy and Weezer – you are guaranteed a rifftastic day out at London Stadium and John Smith’s Stadium in Huddersfield next year!

Green Day tickets are currently available.

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