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#NewMusicFriday 20.05

Posted on Friday 20th March 2020 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Hi Gigantic Gang!

So, it looks like most of us are stuck indoors for the foreseeable future and so brand-new bangers have NEVER been more essential. Gigantic shares your passion and we continue to take you into the weekend with our #NewMusicFriday blog and playlist!

But we don’t just want to send sizzling singles and awesome albums your way; get in touch and let us know what you’re listening to and brightening up your day with! Lets get a kitchen disco going in every house by firing off your suggestions to us on Twitter – we would LOVE to know what tunes you’re getting your groove on to.

Take care of yourselves, be good to each other and we can’t wait to see you down the front real soon xx







NIMMO – ‘Do I Have To Learn It?


Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett AKA electro-pop outfit NIMMO have just dropped new single ‘Do I Have To Learn It?’ which is pure fire. It’s a plea to try and break those chains of behaviour that ultimately just hurt ourselves.

Sometimes in life you can see this reality ahead of you - you can almost see the end result but your instincts aren't quite mature enough to pull you away from the thing that you know you will regret and will inevitably cause you pain. It's what makes life exciting but also sometimes unforgiving

The single is accompanied by a promo vid shot by the pair themselves over three days, capturing their DIY vitality and showing their street spirit as they dance to their own hot tune around the estates. The kinetic energy revealed in the video is the same passion that saw the duo hide away and work furiously till they had something truly incredible to show off.

We'd been working in quite a solitary way for a couple of months when we made this track. I think at this point we were both really craving a night out. We both felt like we were on a roll, so the nights passed quickly.

You can see NIMMO smash it at Picture House Social in Sheffield on Wednesday 23rd of September

NIMMO tickets are currently available.



Paul Weller – ‘Earth Beat


Ever since his days fronting the Jam, Paul Weller has been a thrilling performer constantly re-inventing himself both leading The Style Council or exploring new sounds as a solo artist. Now, the Modfather releases his new single ‘Earth Beat’ which sees him return to his love of R&B and anthemic strings but given a distinctly electronic twist, giving it an almost alien sound. The track was created with the aid of prodigious North London songwriter Col3trane, who is known for his futuristic feel.

Earth Beat’ will feature on Weller’s highly anticipated new album ‘On Sunset’ which is scheduled for release on June 12th.

This year, Weller will be touring extensively with dates in May before playing Live In Bedford Park on Saturday 1st of August and hitting the road once again in October.

Paul Weller tickets are currently available.





THE WEEKND – ‘After Hours


Canadian songwriter The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) is back with his masterpiece fourth album ‘After Hours’. Featuring contributions from a huge crew of A-listers, including Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, Oneohtrix Point Never, Metro Boomin, Lopatin, Max Martin, Frank Dukes and Illangelo, ‘After Hours’ is fourteen tracks of 80’s retro shadowy R&B magnificence.

Featuring the three singles ‘Heartless’, ‘Blinding Lights’ and ‘In Your Eyes’ the excitement has certainly been building as its been four years since superstar Tesfaye last released an album and the payoff is huge as the internet has exploded with fans thrilled by the essential LP.

Don’t miss the Grammy Award winner when he arrives in the UK for an arena tour in October.

The Weeknd tickets are currently available.



BAXTER DURY – ‘The Night Chancers


Baxter Dury once again invites you all to explore the seedy side of Britain with his latest LP ‘The Night Chancers’. Pulsing with masculine strength and oozing cockney charm, his off the cuff delivery is combined with dark disco for maximum effect. This, Drury’s sixth album, was recorded at Hoxa Studios in West Hampstead during sessions which took place back in May last year.

Released through everyone’s favourite indie label Heavenly Recordings; ‘The Night Chancers’ was co-produced with Dury’s long term partner in crime Craig Silvey whose other credits include working with such luminaries as Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire and John Grant.

Night Chancers is about being caught out in your attempt at being free, it’s about someone leaving a hotel room at three in the morning. You’re in a posh room with big Roman taps and all that, but after they go suddenly all you can hear is the taps dripping, and all you can see the debris of the night is around you. Then suddenly a massive party erupts, in the room next door. This happened to me and all I Could hear was the night chancer, the hotel ravers”.

Baxter Dury tickets are currently available.


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