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#NewMusicFriday 18.10

Posted on Friday 18th October 2019 at 16:00 by Gigantic Tickets

Hi Gigantic gang,

We’ve got all your #NewMusicFriday loveliness right here! Not only do we have a playlist with the biggest tracks but we also have all the stories behind the music. Make sure you Like, Follow and Subscribe to all our social media channels including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to be informed of all the latest live music news.







LAZY DAY – ‘Real Feel

Those in the know have all been talking about Lazy Day. First started as a bedroom project by Tilly Scantlebury, it has since grown into a band who two years ago released the critically acclaimed mini album ‘Ribbons’. This month sees them return with affirmational single ‘Real Feel’. Make sure you check out their video which is directed by Joe Snelling and sees the band exhibiting some pretty swanky interpretive dancing. Don’t miss them when they play The Hope And Ruin at Brighton and The Cookie in Leicester next month.

The ability to overcome something sad and turn it into something joyful isn’t only what ‘Real Feel’ is about, but is also how I see Lazy Day itself. I really wanted the video to show that transformation, starting from somewhere quite lonely and then building into something that gives a true sense of happiness. We had so much fun dancing together as a band and trying to keep a straight face. I hope people at the shows learn some of these dance moves and groove along with us.” – Tilly Scantlebury

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CAGE THE ELEPHANT – ‘Social Cues (Hide Me In The Back Room)

Following the release of their latest album, Cage The Elephant have just dropped a reworked version of the title track: ‘Social Cues (Hide Me In The Back Room)’. It’s a novel remix that is just creepy enough to be perfect for your Halloween playlist.

As a band, we really enjoyed being given the opportunity to reimagine the song ‘Social Cues,’ even to the point of renaming the track. As a band, we very much believe this is where music is heading, an ever-evolving process that includes a blending of genres, even genre-dissolving. So, it was a first step of many and we're very much looking towards the future of creative works.” – Matt Shultz

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TUNGZ – ‘Okay

The best music is spontaneous and there is nothing worse than when you can easily spot someone’s influences which they are just regurgitating – badly. Fortunately, that is unlikely ever to be an issue for funky Bristol band Tungz. Going big with the disco vibes, they have already marked themselves as ones to watch with some killer first singles. And they have really proved themselves on debut EP ‘Okay’ which, despite the name, is way above average!

Because we’re all so close it feels really nice and natural to play together, so when we get together, stuff comes out. I don’t know where it comes from, but it ended up being this kind of sound. And then because I’m quite into electronic producers and I wanted to try and make something on a laptop, we decided to take that into it too.” – Nicky Green

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HEAVY LUNGS – ‘Measure

It’s been a hell of a year for Bristolian troublemakers Heavy Lungs, touring Europe and causing havoc on the festival circuit wherever some foolish booker was brave enough to have them. And now the noise terrorist have released their five track EP ‘Measure’ on Balley Records – an independent label from their good mates IDLES.

While they’re known for the love of uncompromising nastiness, ‘Measure’ is surprisingly easy to listen to. Sure, there’s massive walls of distortion, drums hit harder than a knock-out punch and singer Danny Nedelko berating the listener with stream of consciousness rantings. But they are starting to show that they really know how to take all that primal energy and convert it into some damn good songs.

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THE SHERLOCKS – ‘Under Your Sky

Indie rockers The Sherlocks have returned with their second LP titled ‘Under Your Sky’ which once again reveals their huge talent for creating truly anthemic bangers. Recorded at Liverpool’s Parr Street Studios with The Coral’s James Skelly, it features the tremendous single ‘NYC (Sing It Loud)’ which recalls the bands first time in the Big Apple;

I was blown away by the place. The other side was wishing certain people could be there to see it with me… When you know people are at home and you’re having such a good time, you think, ‘If you could see what I’m seeing.’ Even though I’m in New York, I’m still thinking about people at home who I wish could see New York who have never been and may never go.” – Kieran Crook

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