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#NewMusicFriday 17.01

Posted on Friday 17th January 2020 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Hey there Gigantic Gang!

How’s your week been? Yes, we know it’s STILL January – the month that never seems to end. But don’t you worry about that because we have all the latest earworms for #NewMusicFriday!

For those of you who have just joined us, every week Gigantic brings you a blog and playlist which rounds up all the best new releases, gives you a little info behind the music plus you can even grab tickets to see your new favourite act when they hit a stage near you.

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OTTA – ‘Near Enough A Woman

In 2019, British-Finnish artist otta was named by tastemakers as one of the best breakthrough artists of the year. Poised to release debut EP 'after it all blew over' next week, she releases sumptuous soulful single ‘Near Enough A Woman’.

'after it all blew over' was written, recorded, produced and engineered by otta, and saw her joined by kwes who assisted with the mixing and will be releasing the EP through his BOKKLE label on the 24th of January.

"I think the songs on this project were very much inspired by classic songwriting, I was listening to a lot of pop music amongst all kinds of other things. This project was a product of me knowing I wanted to write more 'structured’ songs but then just letting them end up as whatever they wanted to be. Production-wise I have always been inspired by my friends tbh, they showed me so much to do with production and introduced me to the music of Herbert, Dean Blunt and JPEGMAFIA, whose production sounds chaotic in the best way whilst also feeling really natural."

otta tickets are currently available.



TWIN PEAKS – ‘Cawfee’ \ ‘St Vulgar

Why take one awesome songs into the shower when you can take two? Chicago band Twin Peaks have a dedicated following here in the UK, who will be thrilled to hear that they have brought out a double a-side of delightful bluesy tracks; ‘Cawfee’ \ ‘St Vulgar’.

Both songs are accompanied with two charming lyric videos which see singer Cadien Lake James crooning to his own songs in karaoke fashion at what looks like the corner of some lovely little backstreet bar where Norm Peterson is probably sat behind the camera, cracking wise.

The accompanying lyric videos were a rather last-minute idea meant to answer the question ‘is there any way for a lyric video to not be dumb?’ Lyric videos are funny because they ride this weird line where if it’s too simple, say text on a screen, it’s boring, but it’s not meant to be too nice -- the stakes are meant to be lower. Our friend James Swanberg is an incredible performer and a scene figure, and it occurred to us it might be funny to have him try to karaoke the songs without really knowing them. He did great!” – Cadien Lake James

Twin Peaks tickets are currently available.





Atmospheric Newcastle based indie rock band Lanterns On The Lake already had everyone eagerly awaiting fourth album ‘Spook the Herd’ with beautifully stark song ‘Every Atom’. Now that first taste is followed by powerful second single ‘Baddies’ which unveils frontwoman Hazel Wilde’s frustration with the domination of the rich and powerful, maintaining their control stoking up prejudice.

Baddies is a song about the rising tide of anger and hate in the world that seems to have been unleashed over the last few years, with those in positions of power and influence actively encouraging it for their own ends, and the polarisation of society as a result. It is about the need for the individual, the underdog, to stand up to it, but the fact that in doing so we become part of it. We become someone else’s baddie.”                     

Lanterns On The Lake tickets are currently available.



SEA GIRLS – ‘Ready For More

Ready for a big year, indie rock four-piece Sea Girls kick off 2020 by dropping brand new single ‘Ready For More’ which has already received a huge amount of attention having been named Annie Mac's Hottest Record In The World. Henry Camamile (Vocals/Guitar), Rory Young (Guitar), Andrew Dawson (Bass) & Oli Khan (Drums) have succeeded in creating an emotively charged song which is both anthemic and loaded with hooks.

It precedes their ‘Under Exit Lights’ EP which will include further original tracks including ‘Violet’ and ‘Closer’. Don’t miss your chance to see Sea Girls when they take over O2 Institute Birmingham and Roundhouse in London plus make an appearance at Neighbourhood Weekender at Warrington.

Sea Girls tickets are currently available.



WHITE TAIL FALLS – ‘Disintegrate

Irwin Sparkes (The Hoosiers) has recently emerged as White Tail Falls, using the moniker to create a truly novel and unique ethereal take on folk. They now release their exquisite new single ‘Disintegrate’.

Produced by Erland Cooper, ‘Disintegrate’ joins luscious string work, sparse percussion, gentle guitar and piano layered into an ambient fusion whilst

"I was thinking about bloodlines and procreation and how we think we've got power over it when the decision is ultimately out of our hands. Over-thinking about the family I'm from and the family I hadn't started and the implications of having kids or not and remembering the love I do have in my life, to go skipping into the apocalypse with. It became a bit of an existential love song."

Disintegrate’ will appear on their inaugural LP ‘Age Of Entitlement’, which is out March 6th via Physical Education Records.

White Tail Falls tickets are currently available.







Having previously enjoyed both huge critical and commercial success with southern rock band on his previous records, The Marcus King Band now strikes out as a solo artist and has come back with remarkable new album El Dorado’. Developing his roots and expanding his sound to embrace further influences, the genre-defying record shows a remarkable ability from the young 23-year-old guitarist to innovate and ranges from R&B to rock, blues and soul. Produced by Grammy Award winner Dan Auerbach (Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson) and released on Snakefarm Records, it has already received widespread applause from such vital publications as NPR, VICE, Noisey and Rolling Stone.

I feel really proud of it. It still doesn’t feel real at all

Marcus King tickets are currently available.



CREEPER – ‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void

Following on from their stunning 2017 debut record ‘Eternity, In Your Arms’, horror punks Creeper have announced that the title of their second album will be ‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void’ which they describe as a ”new era” for the band.

Dispelling any rumours of a split, the forthcoming record will include their impassioned single ‘Born Cold’. ‘Sex, Death & The Infinite Void’ will be available on CD and purple vinyl, released by Roadrunner Records on May 22nd.

The real-life time travel that music can achieve is almost supernatural. In a moment you can be transported from a bedroom in the south of England to another dimension entirely. With our latest album, we attempted to perform a similar magic.

The concept behind the artwork came to me when I was considering the ways I first discovered music. Both Ian Miles and I have similar stories of discovering our parents’ records. Holding in our hands these battered relics of the past, playing them for the first time and experiencing the magic of them coming to life over the speaker.

This being the case, our album cover attempts to live up to that promise. It would fit in with our parents’ records of the past, you could find it in a dusty attic, blow off the cobwebs, play it at any moment in time and be transported.” – Will Gould

Creeper will show off the new material on their spring tour, currently on sale with Gigantic. Plus, you can see them supporting Japanese frenetic trio BABYMETAL on UK dates too.

Creeper tickets are currently available.





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