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#NewMusicFriday 13.03

Posted on Friday 13th March 2020 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Hi Gigantic Gang,

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases but Gigantic is here to share the love with our extremely lucky #NewMusicFriday 13th blog and playlist! Every week, Gigantic proudly presents you all the latest LPs, singles and everything else you need to hear. Plus, we even have tickets so you can get to the shows to see your new fav songs being performed live!

So, sit on top of your mighty bog roll throne and enjoy all these hot new tunes – especially for loo.. err sorry you!

Let’s touch elbows when we see you down the front xx









Combining a classic sound with an experimental edge, New Jersey born singer/songwriter Nicole Atkins has continued to impress critics and build a global audience.

Listening to French electro whilst on tour with her band, Atkins became inspired to try something new and so now drops chic new single ‘Domino’ which will feature on her next album ‘Italian Ice’ which comes on Friday 17th of April through Single Lock Records.

I wanted to make a song that evoked that groove but was played live by a band keeping it pretty analog and vintage sounding. The lyrics were partly inspired by the state of the world and partly inspired by me waking up in the bottom of a sink hole (yes, a real one) a couple years ago. Basically telling myself (or now you) not to be a bystander in life. Take action, speak up, make something, live, and you'll see small problems fall away. If you're feeling stuck, do something

Nicole Atkins tickets are currently available.





Multi-instrumental South African singer/songwriter Julia Church relocated to London aged only 18 to specialise in music production and develop her career. Rather than work behind the scenes, she instead found herself in front of the mic and his massively grown her online presence thanks to a series of impressive single releases, the latest of which is her delicately strong number ‘Shiloh’.

You can see Julia when she plays London hotspot The Lexington on Thursday 16th of April – tickets currently on sale with Gigantic!  

Julia Church tickets are currently available.



LIFE – ‘Switched On


Last year, LIFE broke their Humberside confines to become a truly national, if not international, sensation after second album ‘Picture Of Good Health’ saw them established as a real force to be reckoned with through a marriage of punk anger and post-Britpop appeal. Adapting the left-wing politics of the first LP ‘Popular Music’ and framing them through their own personal everyday experiences with the distinct gritty texture of living in Hull, their second record chimed with British audiences and listeners across the continent as they gigged heavily, hit the European festival circuit and played support on IDLES world tour.

Continuing to develop their sound, LIFE have once again returned to the studio and returned with new single ‘Switched On’ which embraces greater experimentation and seems to take its ques from such tightly lacerating yet claustrophobic bands as Suicide and Big Black.

After completing ‘A Picture of Good Health’ I felt like I belonged in the world, lyrically painting over the bone - eating demons, I wanted to express why this was. I wanted to scratch it out like people do on woodland trees or moorland rocks. It was love; I found love. ‘Switching On’ is my lyrical attempt of charting that journey; the initial giddy, nervous and pinch - me moments, the wanting to be accepted, the lust and the incredible feeling of finding that person and falling in love. The band wanted to be open to all aspects of musicality so that the lyrics were given an aural heart. We wanted to be brave, bold and exciting as we evolve our sound and rhythms by bringing in elements of synths, pads, machines and pure bass and guitar experimentation. ‘Switching On’ is a nod to where we want to be and where we are going; the future.” – Mez Green

Accompanying the single is the post punk upstarts answer to Wes Anderson in the form of a promotional video adapting the colour palettes and symmetrical shots for which the acclaimed cult director is famed. The mini movie was made with the help of local filmmaker and long term visual collaborator Josh Moore who have succeeded in capturing the tension of the track, as told through the suffering of plants losing at love and life in a sequence of desperate video dates.

Currently causing chaos in NYC, they return to plagued Europe to tour next month with dates around the UK in April.

LIFE tickets are currently available.





SEA GIRLS – ‘Under Exit Lights


Lincolnshire indie rockers have been impressing listeners with the strength of the singles which are loaded with hook and are just so damn addictive. The fresh faced fourpiece can often be heard on BBC Radio 1 and they have now just dropped their ‘Under Exit Lights’ EP that reveals a band eager to thrill the new generation across six tracks highly polished to pop precision.  

 “We’ve worked so hard to get here. We’re so clear-headed about where we want to go, where we want to be and what we want to say. I don’t want to let anything knock us off track. 2020 is going to be massive for us. Bring it on.

Under Exit Lights’ is out on Polydor and is available on CD, MP3 and 12” vinyl.

Sea Girls tickets are currently available.





FALSE HEADS – ‘It’s All There But You’re Dreaming


Brooding band False Heads first formed in 2015 and have spent the years developing a cult following, drawn to their atmospheric songs, bursting with intensity. Now, they prepare to break the mainstream with their first full length record.

It’s All There But You’re Dreaming’ is the debut album from the grungy trio and is reminiscent of the masterpiece records from the late 90’s which married anthemic walls of distortion with dark introspection and angry political outbursts.

It’s All There But You’re Dreaming’ is released by independent label Lovers on Silver Vinyl LP, MP3 + CD and sees the troika show off their new material with a Brighton show in Latest Music Bar on Saturday 5th of April.

False Heads tickets are currently available.



IAMX – ‘Echo Echo


Innovative songwriter Chris Corner found fame as a member of tip hop band Sneaker Pimps who exploded in the 90’s and became an essential part of any gritty movie or film thriller. Taking his love of dark synthpop and going solo, he began writing and performing from his Berlin base under the moniker IAMX and has established a global audience with his experimental electronica. And so, in an unexpected twist his new LP ‘Echo Echo’ sees him take a stripped back approach as an acoustic album.

Echo Echo’ is eleven stunning tracks from the multi-instrumentalist, including the double single ‘Surrender’ / ‘Kiss And Swallow’. Next month sees him play Union Chapel in London to show off the new material.


IAMX tickets are currently available.

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