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#NewMusicFriday 07.12

Posted on Friday 7th December 2018 at 16:00 by Gigantic Tickets

It may be cold outside but Gigantic has the hottest tunes just released for our #NewMusicFriday playlist just in time to become the ultimate soundtrack to your weekend. Not only that, but we also have tickets so you can hear your favourite new tracks being played live. You know what to do; keep scrolling!




Myrkur – ‘Bonden og Kragen

Taken from her Ep ‘Juniper’, Danish songwriter Myrkur releases her new re-interpretation of the ancient folk song ‘Bonden og Kragen’.

The tale features a peasant/farmer who ventures into the woods and shoots a crow. A local bishop gets word of this and demands to know what the peasant will use the dead crow for. Back then, the Church would take from the farmers and they were not fully allowed to own their livestock and crops. In response, the peasant starts making up a very long and unrealistic list of every part of the crow that he will use as a way refusing a tribute.

Myrkur tickets are currently available.


MorMor – ‘Pass The Hours

Following the release of his ‘Heaven’s Only Wishful’ EP earlier this year, Canadian producer and multi-instrumentalist Seth Nyquist AKA MorMor has just dropped his latest single ‘Pass The Hours’. Adopting a falsetto vocal to match the songs sweet vibes, ‘Pass The Hours’ is a heartfelt unabashed leap into pop territory which is deceptively complexed owing to his immense song writing skill. Make sure you catch him when he makes the giant leap from Toronto to Brighton to play Green Door Store next year.

MorMor tickets are currently available.






Beans On Toast – ‘A Bird In The Hand

In true Beans On Toast tradition, Essex musician Jay McAllister releases his tenth album ‘A Bird In The Hand’ on December the 1st – the same annual date as the previous nine. Recorded at Church Studios, famed for having been inhabited by Radiohead, Adele and Bob Dylan, with Mumford And Songs Ben Lovett taking on the production with engineering handled by Ben Lovett, the latest BOT instalment carries on his unique knack for observing everyday life and transforming it into witty modern folk.

This latest instalment is a satisfying new addition for hardcore fans and a wonderful way to get into the wonderful world of McAllister for new listeners.

Beans On Toast tickets are currently available.



Bastille – ‘Other People’s Heartache (Pt.4)

Synthpop legends Bastille have teamed up with a glittering array of stars over the years, and ‘Other People’s Heartache (Pt.4)’ is a compulsive retrospective mixtape of some of their best rare tracks and deep cuts.

The mixtapes are a place to respectfully play around with pop. Pop music is brilliant in its simplicity and how that makes it potentially quite malleable. I’m sure some people see reinterpreting other people’s songs as sacrilege but it’s something people have done forever. I think there’s something brilliant in music that connects with people being able to echo on through time via other people’s interpretations.” – Dan Smith

Bastille tickets are currently available.



Manic Street Preachers – ‘This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours: 20 Year Collectors’ Edition

Twenty years since its release, ‘This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours: 20 Year Collectors’ Edition’ is a comprehensive retrospective look at the album which first saw the band go it totally alone since the mysterious and tragic departure of former band member Richey Edwards.

The thirteen-track album was heavily driven by Nicky Wire’s rediscovery of his Welsh identity and the sonic experimentations of Sean Moore and James Dean Bradfield as they married folk rock with anthemic guy work and a large array of guitar effects pedals.

The result was a melancholic yet anthemic album, large enough to fill the arenas they were now playing whilst intimate enough to satisfy their existing hardcore fans and attract huge swaths of new listeners. This large support translated into both commercial and critical success sending the lead single ‘If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next’, a cry to remember the sacrifice of those working-class volunteers from across Europe who joined the International Brigades to fight fascist General Franco in the Spanish Civil War, to No.1 in the charts.  

Manic Street Preachers tickets are currently available.



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