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#NewMusicFriday 05.06

Posted on Friday 5th June 2020 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

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Jimi Arundell

Hey Gigantic Gang!

Looking forward to your weekend? Well it just got even better because here is the #NewMusicFriday blog for you to browse through, plus a playlist to enjoy on your days off!  🔥 🔥 🔥

🎟️ We don’t just round up the best new releases you need to know, but we also offer the tickets you need to hear your new heroes play their fresh tunes live at the very best gigs and festivals.

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Take care of each other, stay at least two meters apart and don’t forget to keep your lovely hands clean xx






KING KING – ‘Maverick


British blues rock champions King King have announced that their next album will be titled ‘Maverick’. Scheduled for release on Friday 16th of October through Channel 9 Music, it captures the bold spirit and gambling nature of frontman Alan Nimmo.

I named the album ‘Maverick’ at a time when it was risky to do so. I made some bold moves and changes from band members to behind-the-scenes stuff. I guess that’s who I am. I’m a risk-taker!” – Alan Nimmo

Changing the line up has given the band a vital shot in the arm which has really got the creative juices flowing, and we are promised big things on the forthcoming ten track album.

Recording the new album with the new line-up has been a whole lot of fun and very interesting. It’s great watching the guys using the great talent they have bringing the songs to life.” – Alan Nimmo

King King fans will want to pre-order ‘Maverick’ right now! With plenty of options available, you can choose to select a Signed Picture Disc Vinyl plus x2 Beer Mats + Bonus Live CD, Signed CD + Bonus Live CD and the option of a money saving Bundle on the table too!

King King tickets are currently available.



HINDS – ‘The Prettiest Curse

Three times is the charm and Hinds certainly have not disappointed with their third full record ‘The Prettiest Curse’ which continues their run of blissfully sunny indie pop. Afraid that they were risking being typecasted or too predictable, the Spanish troubadours initially shyed away from the bright feel that has already served them so well. But you can never have too much of a good thing and the girls have decided to embrace their core sound and develop it further as explained by their singer and guitarist Carlotta Cosials;

"We’ve been very good at doing pop melodies, since forever but we've been banning ourselves from doing them. Now suddenly because we met so many producers writers and having sessions with them, we realised that those pop melodies and styles we have been banning have nothing wrong in them and were cool too.

Make sure you grab yourself a copy of Hinds’ ‘The Prettiest Curse’ right now – available on CD, Light Blue Vinyl plus 12 x 12 Signed Art Print + FlexiDisc and an incredible Bundle with a T-shirt chucked in!

Hinds tickets are currently available.





Just two years ago, Australian indie pop band Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever rose to international prominence with the release of their critically acclaimed debut LP ‘Hope Downs’ which found an eager audience around the world. Showing absolutely no signs of second album fatigue, they make their welcome return with the newly released ‘Sideways To New Italy’.

Inspired by the New South Wales village of the same name where drummer Marcel Tussie grew up and spent his formative years; nostalgia plays a major part in this wonderfully wistful record which channels the melancholy and turns it into a dynamic explosion over ten tracks.

It also reflects on how immigration is increasingly becoming a contentious issue thanks to the dangerous rhetoric of popularist politicians, which contrasts sharply with the bands views who see the benefit of blending cultures as proven by the Venetians who came to New South Wales in the 1800’s and brought their rich history to their new home.

 “These are the expressions of people trying to find home somewhere alien, trying to create utopia in a turbulent and imperfect world.” – Joe Russo

Sideways To New Italy’ is now available on Limited Edition Sky Blue Coloured Vinyl, Standard Vinyl and a Bundle containing both records. Plus it is also released on CD and Cassette!

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever tickets are currently available.



THE GHOST INSIDE – ‘The Ghost Inside


Sometimes, the greatest adversities create the perfect conditions for creativity to flourish as challenges are faced and overcome through the music. LA metalcore band The Ghost Inside were already feeling the pressure after the departure of founding member and lead guitarist Aaron Brooks. To make matters worse, events took a tragic turn after the band’s tour bus was involved in a head on collision with a tractor trailer outside El Paso, killing both drivers involved.

Such drastic difficulties would have likely broken other bands, but instead they have returned with one of the greatest records of their career!

Each album, for any band is a snapshot of the time between the moment they finish their previous record and the point at which they turn in the masters to the label on this new one. We had actually started writing before the crash to record in early 2016. The topic on the tips of everyone’s tongues back then was that our founding guitarist (Aaron Brooks), who happened to be our main songwriter, had left the band. Some of those feelings of loss and separation have carried right through.” – Jim Riley

You can see The Ghost Inside in all their glory when they show off their new material when they play O2 Academy Brixton in London next year!

The Ghost Inside tickets are currently available.

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