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My Favourite Album - SKIA

Posted on Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 13:40

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell


Gigantic shares your passion for music, and we love to delve deep into the infatuations of others with our My Favourite Album blog. This week, we are very excited to be joined by rising alt-popstar SKIA! 💖

Scandipop songwriter SKIA (Annie Norbye) relocated from Norway to the vibrant cultural hub of Liverpool, drawing inspiration from both her homeland and the constant evolution of the underground music scenes which find an epicentre in the north-west. She channels and transforms her unique cultural experience into her very own sound, termed fjord-beat bangers, which combines her idiosyncratic glacial electro sound with infectious pop hooks and glittering melodies.

Now signed to crucial independent label Heist or Hit, her newly adopted home provides the perfect platform to reach out to U.K. listeners as she establishes a fanbase that stretches right across Europe.





What Is It?


B’day - Beyoncé’s second solo album.


When Was It Released?


September 4th 2006 on her 25th birthday.



Where Did You First Hear It?


Must have been in my parents living room, on my birthday February 2007.


 What Does It Mean To You?


B’day is the first album that I ever owned, and probably the origin of my Beyoncé obsession. I really tried to sound like her and move like her, and she really taught me how to riff. She also did music videos for every track and I had the best time watching all of them. 



Talk Us Through Your Favourite Songs And Lyrics On The Album


Upgrade you - this features Jay Z and it’s basically a song about how he and Beyoncé upgrade each other with money, fame, sass and success. Name another song that drops as many names as this one, I’ll wait.


Irreplaceable - One of my biggest aha-moments in life was when I realized that she sings “everything you own in the box to the left”. To be honest I have a lot of those moments with Beyonce, cause I wasn’t very good at speaking English at the time and I was mostly singing gibberish over the advanced parts.  Irreplaceable was just one of those big hits back in 2007 that I fell in love with, and I also really wanted her outfits from the video. All-over excellent production.  


Freakum Dress - Girlpower deluxe. I often put this song on my headphones and dance around the house. It’s about feeling yourself and the fact that every woman has a freakum dress that basically is short and backless and makes you feel amazing. I don’t have many dresses that are short and backless but I have a sequin playsuit and I guess that counts.


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