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Posted on Friday 15th April 2016 at 12:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Turns out there’s a new star in town. Iggy Pop has an extremely charismatic pet cockatoo called Biggy Pop and has started a dedicated Instagram page to the beautiful bird. The punk legend only started @biggypop a couple of weeks ago.

Just a "Little Red Rooster" to get me going. #cockatoosofinstagram #moluccan #IggyandBiggy #iggypop #BiggyPop #HowlinWolf #igotmoves #birdsofinstagram #cockatoo #Blues #fun #funtime #dancing #instacockatoo by @biggypop


The Moluccan cockatoo always makes sure to show of all it’s best angles and actually manages to do the impossible and out-cool Iggy!


No need for razors, when I offer up my extra special 'Flintstone' shave.......as in Fred. Yeah, we like to keep things old school in the Pop household........Bedrock style. #BarneyRubble #NoStubble #Dinothedinosaur #BiggyPop #ModernStoneAgeFamily #cockatoosofinstagram #cockatoo #birdsofinstagram #moluccan #birds #IggyandBiggy #iggypop #Everyday #Love by @biggypop


I can’t get enough of this bird so I thought I’d list a few other great Instagram pages that you might want to check out.


@rodarte @andotherstories thanks for the fantastic dress and fun nite! by @kimletgordon


Kim Gordan’s Instagram account gives us a real insight into the everyday life of the art rock legend. Hanging out with all your heroes, playing wicked records and constantly going to gigs it turns out she’s just as amazing as we all suspected she was.

Take a gander at @kimletgordon


Ryan at West Heath Studios, London, late 2004 #thenewfellas by @thecribs


The Cribs have a great summer lined up playing at Camden Rocks, Isle Of Wight Festival and the absolutely brilliant Y Not.

Get your tickets from Gigantic right HERE.

Being the indie heroes that they are, they love a bit of DIY and so they’re always messing about with the old camera phone.

Follow them on @thecribs


Squirrel Time 🐿 by @jehnnybeth


Singer of the fantastic post punks Savages, Jehnny Beth’s page is a great look at behind the scenes of the band whilst recording and on tour. The effortlessly cool photos seem to be documenting the rise of an icon.

Have a look at @jehnnybeth.

Savages will also be appearing at Leeds and Reading Festival this year. Tickets are on sale HERE.

Don't be safe. Dive in. Think later. 100%. 📸:@del_photos #abandcalledheck
#live #dontfuckingstop #keeppushing #band #rockandroll by @abandcalledheck

Death defying hard rockers HECK are always up to some sort of chaos. Whether its dangling upside down from the rafters of a club, choreographing an oddly genius dance routine or taking photos of themselves doing something you really shouldn’t try at home. You can find them at @abandcalledheck.


The album is one day away from being properly finished. OUR MINDS ARE MELTING 😍😍😍😱😳😄😩😖😭😳😍 by @wearebigdeal

I absolutely love Big Deal. Their largely acoustic debut album Lights Out is achingly beautiful and I’m always playing their grunged up second album June Gloom so I’m thrilled that they’re avid Instagrammers.

Definitely give @wearebigdeal a follow.

They’re touring round the country to promote their new album Say Yes plus they’ll be putting in an appearance at the brilliant Handmade festival in Leicester. Get your tickets with Gigantic right HERE.


#regram @jimi_a #peterdoherty #bodegasocial #nottingham #2014 #live #music #gigantic #tickets by @gigantictickets

We’ve also got our very own @gigantictickets page showing off the best tickets on sale and what we’ve been up to. Give us a follow!


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