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Best Album of 2024 So Far

Posted on Wednesday 3rd July 2024 at 16:00

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Best Albums of 2024 Gigantic Tickets

It’s been a big year for music, and Gigantic Tickets has already brought you Best Shows of 2024 So Far and Best Songs of 2024 So Far. Join us once again as we highlight our favourite albums released in 2024. Keep scrolling to see just some of the big record releases we have been enjoying in recent months.

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Brat - Charli XCX

Sarah Moore – Head Of Marketing

Queen of hyperpop Charli XCX returned in June 2024 with her sixth studio album Brat - the first release since her contract ended with Asylum Records after the release of 2022’s Crash. In this separation, Charli has embodied a new sense of freedom into her music, and as a result has produced some of the most experimental and stunningly chaotic songs of her career.

At a tight 41 minutes, Brat uses each minute with purpose, squeezing in equal measures of true “Club Classics” and rarely seen emotional vulnerability. Brat is an album that communicates the whiplash of anxieties that come with growing into a 30-something year-old woman: torn between the freedom of a socialite life absorbed by clubs and parties, and the desire for a greater purpose (or perhaps, the fear of missing out on that). Listening to the final two tracks on the album “I Think About It All The Time” and “365” in sequence is the best example of where this album takes you - a complete gear shift in the best way possible. Brat also depicts the complicated nature of womanhood and feminism, on the likes of “Girl, So Confusing” and “Rewind”, and finally finding your person on “Talk Talk” and “Everything is Romantic”.


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Voidkind - Dvne

Simon Cranswick – PHP Developer

The third album from the rising Edinburgh prog-metal band. Hits all the technical and atmospheric targets, with strong vibes of Mastodon, The Ocean and Baroness. 


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Tangk - IDLES

Jimi Arundell – Web Content Manager

IDLES teamed up with long-term Radiohead collaborator Nigel Godrich plus Kenny Beats to create their fifth LP Tangk. Despite the onomatopoeia title, named to sound like the hard strum of a guitar, this is the positive post-punks’ most intricate and atmospheric record to date as the band make the most of Godrich’s famed experimental techniques. A hit with fans and critics alike, this is their second album to hit No. 1.

Given their meteoric rise, it was no surprise that the Bristol boys would begin to expand their sound to match the size of the ever-growing stages they are now gracing. And Tangk, includes everything from intricate loop sampling intro used on intro song “IDEA 01”, vulnerable keys as heard on the tender track “A Gospel” and the alt-hip-hop heard on “POP POP POP”. But that’s not to say there aren’t rampaging bangers. Make sure you check out “Dancer” which celebrates the raw energy of IDLES and harks back to their more familiar sound, plus the unbridled energy of “Gift Horse” with the chorus line “Look at him go-oh!” which just begs to be yelled back by their adoring audience at gigs.

Vocalist Joe Talbot takes his Dadaist lyrics to their furthest extent, mixing up alliterating phonetics with painfully insightful confessions and messages of hope. Repeatedly rejoicing in freudenfreude, finding happiness in others' successes, he neatly sums up the vital need for community in an era defined by division with the simple slogan “Love is the fing”. Tangk is more than just their latest offering, it is the start of an entirely new era for Britain’s most important band.



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