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Best Shows of 2024 So Far

Posted on Wednesday 19th June 2024 at 16:00

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Best Shows of Gigantic Tickets

As we reach the year’s halfway mark, Gigantic Tickets takes a retrospective look at some of the best shows we enjoyed in 2024 so far. Keep scrolling to read our firsthand accounts of the mind-blowing bands and artists we have been lucky to see.

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Sprints - The Bodega, Nottingham (Saturday 13th April 2024)

Sarah Moore – Head Of Marketing

Sprints - The Bodega, Nottingham (Saturday 13th April 2024)

Dublin garage punk band SPRINTS are in the midst of a meteoric rise, both in critical acclaim and popularity. And so, it was no surprise that their tour of small UK club venues this April sold out far in advance. I was lucky enough to catch the band in The Bodega in Nottingham, and I’m so grateful to have been there - it will certainly be the last time they’re performing in venues of that size.

On the rare occasion that The Bodega witnesses a sold-out show, it’s always an unforgettable experience. SPRINTS had the crowd bouncing from the get-go: the floor of Bodega’s upstairs room bowing under the pressure of 200 fans throwing themselves around the room to a powerful and passionate performance for the entire set. It’ll be difficult for another show to beat this one in the latter half of 2024!


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Liam Gallagher - Sheffield Utilita Arena (Saturday 1st June 2024)

Amy Davis – Customer Services Manager

 Liam Gallagher - Sheffield Utilita Arena (Saturday 1st June 2024)

One of the best gigs I have ever been to, reliving the Oasis days when they were at their best!

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Bloodworm - Jamcafe, Nottingham (Wednesday 31st January 2024)

Jimi Arundell – Web Content Manager

 Bloodworm - Jamcafe, Nottingham (Wednesday 31st January 2024)

Bringing goth-rock to a new generation, Bloodworm are the fast-growing Nottingham-based three-piece who have also impressed at Beat The Streets, Dot To Dot and Get Together. Their sold-out headline set at cool Hockley venue Jamcafe was amongst their first gigs of the year and was a great showcase for fledgeling talent.

Support came from Stockport gang The Solution who have since renamed themselves Dantzic. Their unique fusion of chilling dark-wave with echoes of Bauhaus combined with ESG-inspired frenetic grooves sent a shiver up the spine and set the stage alight with some seriously impressive footwork from singer Shan “Endo” Henderson.

Next up was local post-punk hopefuls Rain Age who seeped passion out of every pore. Singer-guitarist Kieran Poole’s intensity was so strong, he barely noticed the wild yells and cheers of the audience, his focus entirely devoted to his performance. Rapid-fire rhythms grew into colossal walls of sound and on any other night they could have easily been the headliners.

But this was Bloodworm’s night. And sensing the buzz of a band on the cusp of a breakthrough, Jamcafe was rammed full of curious newcomers and a dedicated hardcore of fans called “Wrigglers”, many of whom were already sporting their t-shirts. The cold vocal delivery of frontman George Curtis was in stark contrast to the heat generated by the throng, first swaying to “Alone in Your Garden” and later rabidly pogoing as the pace accelerated.

Chris Walker nearly lopped off the heads of the encroaching crowd with a sweep of his bass whilst towering drummer Euan Stevens was crammed into the corner, as the near collision of the trio with the newly converted wrigglers added an extra sense of danger to their sinister sound. And it's this primal energy with a deep sombre streak that draws comparisons to Killing Joke and the nastier side of The Cure. Ending with their signature song “Cemetery Dance”, Bloodworm saw Jamcafe erupt having proven themselves as a vital breakthrough band of the year. Catch Bloodworm playing a spooktacular Halloween show at The Bodega, Nottingham on Thursday 31st October 2024.


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Evil Scarecrow - Rock City, Nottingham (Saturday 10th February 2024) 

Simon Cranswick – PHP Developer

Nottingham's finest comedy metallers and Bloodstock regulars bringing a bigger and better theatrical show than ever before. Massive stage presence, amazing props, killer songs, audience participation, and the debut of the “Kraken”.


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