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AOTW -- Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Posted on Monday 7th February 2022 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

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Jimi Arundell

Enjoying both commercial success and approval from the critics; Yorkshire songwriter Benjamin Francis Leftwich paints vivid pictures with his raw and emotionally involving music that draws heavily on indie influences.

Last year saw the release of his spectacular album To Carry A Whale. Now; Leftwich takes his latest LP on the road playing a tour this month and the next – grab your tickets HERE with Gigantic.

I’m so proud of this beautiful album and grateful to the kind humans who inspired me to make it.



Benjamin Francis Leftwich began by busking and gigging around his picturesque hometown York. Developing his skills whilst drawing on indie inspirations such as Arcade Fire and Ryan Adams, plus more classic songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.

Debut album Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm dropped in 2011,  and immediately marked him as a rising star receiving both critical acclaim whilst succeeding commercially, breaking into the Top 40. He then went on to release numerous EPs, including I am With You and Elephant before bringing out his After The Rain album in 2016.

In 2019, the Yorkshire returned with his third full length record Gratitude which saw him explore electronica, expanding his sound and showing he was continuing to develop creatively, proving that he continues to be a vital listen.

Unfortunately, addiction began to take hold and Benjamin found himself unable to control his drinking habits, leading to time in rehab where he was able to convalesce, rethink and find control once again.



Last summer saw the release of his fourth LP To Carry A Whale. The first written under sobriety, Leftwich entered the studio for the first time not under the influence of drugs or alcohol for this first time and crafted a delicate and exquisite masterpiece that is both brave and reflective.

There are millions of people in the world who can drink, use or whatever and it works for them, as not everyone becomes addicted. That stuff was my solution, but the problem is I’m allergic to it. I got really lucky when I was 21 and put out an album that loads of people fell in love with. It took me around the world and gave me a life, a house and all this beautiful stuff, but I also lost my love for music at that time. I was sat in a nice, comfy flat by myself and I was just fucking sad. That’s the truth. There’s no arrogance or self-pity there, it’s just how it was. When I was in treatment I was really worried if I could ever write songs sober, but I feel more in love with it, more awake to it and more hungry for it than ever before. Maybe I’m getting addicted to songwriting, but it’s much better than what I was addicted to.

Next week sees Benjamin Francis Leftwich ready to hit the road once again, and plays a huge tour in support of To Carry A Whale plus plays music from right across his career. Be sure to book your ticket with Gigantic and look forward to a stirring performance.




📆 February 2022

13/05    Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Whelan's, Dublin

16/05    Benjamin Francis Leftwich – The Bullingdon, Oxford

17/05    Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Cambridge Junction 2, Cambridge

22/05    Benjamin Francis Leftwich – The Bodega, Nottingham

24/05    Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Foundry, Sheffield


📆 March 2022

02/03    Benjamin Francis Leftwich – The Globe, Cardiff

03/03    Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth

04/03    Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Exeter Phoenix, Exeter

Benjamin Francis Leftwich tickets are available with Gigantic.

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