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#NewMusicFriday 04.02

Posted on Friday 4th February 2022 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Hey Gigantic Gang,

Want the best tunes of the week? You’ve come to the right place because Gigantic is always on hand with the latest bangers, all found on our #NewMusicFriday playlist and blog!

Keep scrolling to read about the records you should be spinning, the tunes you should be turning up and the tickets you should grab as we get you to all the best gigs and festivals.

Have an amazing weekend, look after each other and we’ll see you at the front xx





Smash Into Pieces – “Deadman”

Explosive Swedish electro hard rockers Smash Into Pieces have a dedicated international following which has seen them amass an amazing 50 million streams, following their rise on hit competitive TV show Sweden’s Got Talent.

Now, they drop stomping anthem “Deadman” – the lead single from their upcoming seventh album which is scheduled  for release later in the year and promoted with just a handful of unmissable U.K. shows on sale with Gigantic.


📆 March 2022

31/03    Smash Into Pieces – Underworld, London


📆 April 2022

01/04    Smash Into Pieces – Rebellion, Manchester

Smash Into Pieces tickets are available with Gigantic.




Animal Collective – Time Skiffs

Experimental electronica outfit Animal Collective are back with brand new record Time Skiffs – first album in six years! Their return brings with it nine songs which sees a whole new level of maturity from the Maryland indie (former) kids who now explore the worries that come with aging and starting families.

But this is far from an angst album, as each song gently unfolds a unique universe of majestic sounds and gorgeous harmonies from a band still clearly in love with the creative process. Recorded way back in 2020 with the aid of Italian producer Marta Salogni, the band are eager to get back on the road and head to Albert Hall in Manchester for a glorious gig in Autumn.

I feel like the way we communicate with each other has gotten kind of streamlined, because you just sort of figure out with each other the most efficient and effective ways of communicating something to each other. I feel like that’s changed quite a bit. Whereas we used to kind of be taking shots in the dark, I feel like we’ve all kind of zoned in on what really works for us as far as how to manage more challenging times, I guess.” – Noah Lennox (Panda Bear)


📆 November 2022

07/11    Animal Collective – Albert Hall, Manchester

Animal Collective tickets are available with Gigantic.





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