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#NewMusicFriday 24.07

Posted on Friday 24th July 2020 at 15:15

Jimi Arundell

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Jimi Arundell

Hey Gigantic Gang!

We are back with another special #NewMusicFriday blog and playlist carefully curated especially for you! Gigantic shares your passion for music and we love to bring you all the best releases that you need to know. Plus, you can also grab tickets to see your favourite performers play their latest offerings live! Enjoy your ultimate soundtrack to the weekend and we will see you again really soon.

Keep it real GG xx ⛱️








Phoenix folk songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews has a huge international following who will, no doubt, be thrilled with the release of her superb new release; ‘Old Flowers’.

This, her third album, follows the end of a relationship that lasted for most of her twenties and is largely directed towards him as she now in hindsight understands what they had and how they changed each other.

I talk a lot about beginning and endings on this record and I think it’s because the centre bit is too much to sum up and it’s also the part that’s just for us.

The narrative may be painful at times, but is always exquisitely explored as Courtney’s gift for storytelling through music

Courtney Marie Andrews tickets are currently available.



NECK DEEP – ‘All Distortions Are Intentional

Keeping the flag of pop punk flying high are Wrexham boys Neck Deep who make their welcome return with their highly anticipated fourth LP ‘All Distortions Are Intentional’. This time round, they’re trying their hand at a concept album which follows the life of a character known only as ‘The Lowlife’ as they navigate the perils of the fictional Sonderland planet.

Whilst the wacky sounding narrative might be a bit much for some, thankfully it doesn’t get in the way of the banging tracks as previously revealed on upbeat singles ‘I Revolve (Around You)’ and ‘Sick Joke’.

Neck Deep will be heading out on tour to promote their new material in September, with huge headline dates at Manchester, Cardiff and London – grab your ticket with Gigantic right now!

Neck Deep tickets are currently available.






KYLIE – ‘Disco

Everyone’s favourite pop pixie Kylie is back with a brand-new album – ‘Disco’! The fifteenth album for the seemingly ageless star is set to be a blend of country pop feel and classic disco sensibilities (the name might give that bit away) and is set to be a huge banger if lead single ‘Say Something’ is anything to go by.

Disco’ is now available to pre-order on Deluxe CD, Limited Edition Transparent Blue Vinyl, Cassette and a Super Deluxe Album Bundle.




Catherine Anne Davies aka The Anchoress has teamed up with superb producer and former Suede songwriter\guitarist Bernard Butler to create collobarative album ‘In Memory Of My Feelings’ – ten delicately crafted songs which is the summation of four years secret work.

We were booked in for five days or something, and by the end of the final day, we knew that if the brief was to write hit singles, we’d sort of wandered off in a different direction” – Catherine Anne Davies

Pre-order ‘In Memory Of My Feelings’ on Gatefold CD + Postcard (Signed), Limited Gatefold Vinyl (Includes Bonus 7-Inch) + The Breakdown Lyric Sheet (Signed) and a money saving Bundle.

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