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Explosions in the Sky Tickets

Explosions in the Sky tickets

Unfortunately, we don't have any events on sale for Explosions in the Sky at the moment.

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About Explosions in the Sky

Explosions in the Sky is an American post-rock band formed in Texas in 1999. The band consists of members Mark Smith, Michael James, Munaf Rayani, and Chris Hrasky. They are known for their instrumental soundscapes, featuring soaring guitar riffs and intricate rhythms that create an immersive and cinematic experience for listeners.

Explosions in the Sky has released several critically acclaimed albums, including their breakthrough 2003 album "The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place," which has been widely regarded as a masterpiece of the post-rock genre. They have also gained widespread recognition for their work on film soundtracks, including the critically acclaimed film "Friday Night Lights."

With their sweeping and epic sound, Explosions in the Sky has become one of the most beloved and influential post-rock bands of all time. Their music has been described as both emotionally resonant and cathartic, with the ability to evoke powerful feelings of hope, loss, and transcendence.

Despite their success, the band has remained committed to their DIY roots, self-producing and self-releasing their albums, and touring relentlessly around the world. With their unique sound and unwavering dedication to their craft, Explosions in the Sky is a band that continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of post-rock music.

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