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"Stonking (mostly) local talent for a more than worthy cause!"
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Beat The Streets, Various Nottingham Venues, Nottingham - 28th January 2018

Split across 8 stages, the DHP Group had amassed an impressive line-up throughout the day with some bigger acts appearing earlier to stagger the crowds. Me and a mini entourage sadly missed the triple trouble of hip-hop talent that was VVV owing to my delayed ordering of a full veggie roast at the Angel pub. This resulted in tramming it back across town after excessive potato intake.

The first band of the day were Crosa Rosa in a very rammed Rock City basement. Without witnessing much other than flailling hair and a frantic lightshow I was no doubt blown away by some mighty beefy riffage and would have loved an early doors mosh were it not for the static crowd. Beating an early exit on account of securing a prime viewing spot for the Sleaford Mods upstairs on the balcony front and centre. Jason Williamson certainly didn't disappoint and held a packed audience in rapture at his ranting, incisive critique of life in modern-day austerity Britain. I was mesmerized by his stage presence and shuffling, nervous tick-like movements. He was like a cross between a young Ian Dury and a semi-retired clown in pyjamas having escaped a mental facility. He became very humble at the end as he thanked everyone for digging deep and upon chanting 'Jobseeker's refrain of 'Come On!' I've never felt more proud of my home city. Me and a friend later met a French couple from Nant in Southern France who came over mostly just for the Mods so they're clearly making major waves across the Channel as well as helping Europeans understand raspy, expletive-riddled Midlands dialect!

Singer songwriter Stacey McMullen was up next in Rescue Rooms' Red Room who effortlessly veered between original blues roots, flamenco epics, murder balladry and a cover of Killing in the Name Of. With a haunting voice and obvious guitar chops, I seriously recommend you check him out as a deserved rising star of the scene.

Back on Rock City's main stage Ferocious Dog got everyone jigging, drinking and cheering in full fettle. Babe Punch followed with some superbly disco-spangled stage attire to match their versions of Abba's S.O.S and Chris Isaak's Wicked Game. Their vocalist can really wail and their many gigs on the circuit have clearly resulted in a tight, groovy band dynamic.

I was also really taken with Super Furniture who have some excellent songcraft, not to mention their cover of the Arthur TV series theme song duly appreciated by a kid of the 90s like myself. Judging by our surroundings in RC basement, they also seem a hit with the younger ladies so watch out guys!

We moseyed over to Rescue Rooms main stage for the almighty Lawnmower Deth who've been touring since before Super Furniture were even born. With hilarious song lyrics and some hilariously short, the singer entertained as giant balloons bounced around a delighted crowd regressing to a state of young childhood other than the Danish lager in their hand.

The skanktastic majesty of Unknown Era didn't take long to get Rock City's main room bouncing around with their brass and hyper-energetic members. Gaz & co at the Maze already do so much for this city's music so to see them getting so much back from the crowd was heartwarming.

Upstairs at Stealth, Kid Luna spun some minimal electro-house bangers and we danced like loons in various degrees of cosmic silver clothing.

To close the night in style, the full ensemble of Invisible Orchestra were sweeping and awe-inspiringly cinematic.

Everyone left very happily at the thought of an excellent day's entertainment all for a really important cause.

Bravo Framework and DHP!

Posted by Swifty P on 30/01/2018

"An excellent event tackling an important issue."
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Beat The Streets, Various Nottingham Venues, Nottingham - 28th January 2018

With the Tories being in power for so long and dedicated to austerity, the problem of homelessness has ripped through the UK with many falling through the cracks as the safety net protecting the public and the most vulnerable is thrown away. Nottingham has been particularly hit hard and has seen a significant rise in the number of people sleeping rough.

Beat The Streets was a great way to address a problem by raising funds and awareness in aid of those worst effected - however a solution will need to come from a commitment of protection, care and resources from central and local government.

The day festival featured many notable Nottingham local celebs such as Sleaford Mods, Kagoule, Jimi Mack, Eyre Llew and Stereopium appearing at such iconic venues as Rock City, Rescue Rooms, The Bodega/The Social and Rough Trade Nottingham.

Also, massive thanks to Gigantic who made it easy to book for the show - always my first choice for gig tickets!!

Posted by Jimi A on 30/01/2018

"Great Event"
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Beat The Streets 2019, Various Nottingham Venues, Nottingham - 27th January 2019

Really good fund raising event for the Framework charity who do great work for the homeless. You get the chance to see loads of acts in loads of venues in Nottingham. Highlights for me included the Bus Stop Madonnas, The Outriders and Keto.

Posted by Andy Clambake on 29/01/2019

"Needs to have more big acts spread across venues"
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Beat The Streets 2019, Various Nottingham Venues, Nottingham - 27th January 2019

Beat the Streets 2018 was a landmark thing. Massive Vibe and event!

Beat the Streets 2019 was still a stellar effort but there should have been one or two bigger acts and not just one.
wasn't as hard hitting as the 2018 event.

Posted by Thats Entertainment on 28/01/2019

"Nottingham's finest hours"
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Beat The Streets, Various Nottingham Venues, Nottingham - 28th January 2018

Great day out for a great cause. Really enjoyed the company and everyone rocked out. Great to see so many bands in one day, the set times were just about right and the venues very friendly.

Well done all!

Posted by Paul Wightman on 02/02/2018

Nottingham’s Music Community Comes Together to help the Homeless

The music community of Nottingham is coming together to present a one-day charity festival to raise vital funds to support homeless people in need.

Beat the Streets will take place on Sunday 28 January 2018 with more than 80 national and local acts playing more than 10 stages in venues across the city centre.

All proceeds raised from ticket sales and merchandise will be donated to Framework, the Nottinghamshire charity dedicated to bettering the lives of homeless people. Since Framework started in 2001, it has become one of the largest organisations of its type in the country, helping more than 11,000 each year to overcome crisis and improve their lives.

Rock City, Rescue Rooms, The Bodega and Stealth are among the first wave of venues confirmed as taking part and will also be donating their proceeds from the bar take on the day.

DHP’s George Akins said: “It is increasingly evident that we have a growing problem once again with homelessness in the city with many people reaching crisis point. The aim with Beat the Streets is to make it a force for positive change, using music to bring together the people of Nottingham to raise funds to help make a difference where it is so desperately needed.

Beat The Streets is being delivered by DHP Family in collaboration with local organisations and music groups including I’m Not from London; Farmyard Records; Hockley Hustle and Rough Trade.

The line up announcements are due to follow shortly, keep an eye on the social channels for updates.

Any promoters, venues or organisations interested in getting involved in Beat the Streets should contact the team via the social channels below.


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