Upcoming events in Newport

Smokey Brights + The Lucky Strikes Le Pub, Newport

Wednesday 24th October 2018

Why Don’t We: Why Don’t We Europe Newport Centre, Newport

Wednesday 24th October 2018

Gideon Conn Le Pub, Newport

Friday 26th October 2018

Hamell On Trial & Ruth Theodore Le Pub, Newport

Saturday 27th October 2018


Saturday 3rd November 2018

Jon Langford & The Charlemagnes Le Pub, Newport

Saturday 3rd November 2018

Joan of Arc Le Pub, Newport

Wednesday 7th November 2018

Otis Gibbs Le Pub, Newport

Friday 9th November 2018

Bloxx Le Pub, Newport

Tuesday 13th November 2018

Anna's Anchor Le Pub, Newport

Sunday 18th November 2018

Simon Love + The Metatrons Le Pub, Newport

Friday 23rd November 2018

Mik Artistik + I, Doris Le Pub, Newport

Saturday 1st December 2018

The Burning Hell Le Pub, Newport

Wednesday 12th December 2018

The Kennedy Soundtrack Le Pub, Newport

Friday 14th December 2018

The Wombats + Blaenavon + The Night Cafe Newport Centre, Newport

Monday 28th January 2019

Let's Rock Wales! Tredegar Park, Newport

Saturday 1st June 2019