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Top 5: Mcfly Moments We Love

Posted on Tuesday 19th November 2019 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

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Jimi Arundell

Earlier this year, pop punk fans were delighted to hear the new that’s their favourite band McFly were officially back! The boy band first formed in 2003 when Harry Judd (drummer), Dougie Poynter (bass), Danny Jones (vocals\guitar) and Tom Fletcher were just teenagers Danny Jones (vocals\guitar). They went on to enjoy an incredible career which saw them release such classic hits as ‘Lies’, ‘All About You’ and ‘One For The Radio’ and sell a staggering 2 million albums in the UK alone before decided to have a bit of a break in 2016.

Many feared they would never see the cheeky chaps on stage ever again but not only are they back with new album ‘The Lost Songs’ which includes never heard before tracks written back in the day – but they also will be headlining their very own huge tour during Summer 2020. To celebrate, we look at McFly's Top 5 Most Outrageous Moments!

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  1. Forming McBusted!

When Charlie Simpson left Busted, not only did it break an entire generation of pop punk lovers hearts but it left his fellow band members James Bourne and Matt Willis stranded. Luckily, the McFly lads asked if they wanted to team up to form the McBusted supergroup!


  1. When McFly Couldn’t Sing Their Own Song!

The boys were asked to record an acoustic version of their b-side ‘Get Over You’ as an extra on their 2004 DVD. However, seems like the giggles got too much for the band as they just couldn’t seem to be able to harmonize on their own song – check out the video!

  1. McFly Go Ghost Hunting!

    Fancy spending a night in some of Northumbria’s most scary locations? No, we don’t either and neither did our favourite boy band who were quite rightly a bit scared having to wander around with nothing but a torch and Yvette Fielding to protect them from the things that go bump in the night.

  2. Harry wins Strictly Come Dancing!

    Drummer Harry Judd was more used to being hidden at the back of the band but he certainly became centre of attention when he became a contestant on hit BBC telly series Strictly Come Dancing and won!


  1. Danny Does It On His Own!

    When Danny Jones said he was embarking on a solo career last year, fans were thrilled to see the star playing again plus release his own ‘EP’. As awesome as his own stuff was, many were worried it meant that we would never see McFly again. Luckily, the band announced they were reuniting soon after.



23 – 24/05          The Bath Festival Finale Weekend 2020 – Bath Recreational Ground, Bath



05/07                   McFly – The Big Top - Inverness Bught Park, Iverness

10/07                   McFly – Vivary Park, Taunton

14/07                   McFly – Scarborough Open Air Theatre, Scarborough

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