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The Best Gigs of May as Told by Gigantic Gig Goers

Posted on Friday 31st May 2024 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

The Best Gigs of May as Told by Gigantic Gig Goers

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Now, let’s dive into the reviews of your top gigs from last month.



Katherine Priddy - Union Chapel, London (17th May 2024)

Katherine Priddy

Spellbinding show

I first came across Katherine when she supported The Unthanks at Hackney's EarTH venue.

Obviously, a support act only gets about half an hour to make an impression, so suffice to say Katherine's music grabbed me almost instantaneously.

So, having become a fan and acquired the albums I was really looking forward to the Union Chapel show.

Two great support bands set the atmosphere beautifully before Katherine took the stage to rapt attention from a sell-out crowd.

Songs old and new were played beautifully, accompanied by a second guitar and violin.

Katherine's voice is just so pure and clear, as is her guitar picking. The venue was totally perfect for this kind of show and obviously a rewarding experience for the artist.

Review by Ralph



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Lucy Spraggan – NX, Newcastle (15TH May 2024)

Lucy Spaggan

Absolutely amazing 😍

This was one of the most amazing concerts I've been to. I think it helped by being in a smaller venue which made it feel more intimate, there was lots of interaction with the crowd from Lucy Spraggan, this made it feel more special.

Me and my family have wanted to see Lucy Spraggan for years now, but life and ill health have been getting in the way, her music and her own life experiences through her music just made it more special for us. Can't wait to see her on her next tour.

She was just wow x

Review by Lee24



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Focus Wales – Various Venues, Wrexham (9th – 11th May 2024)

Focus Wales Gigantic Tickets

The best just gets better and better

We've attended and supported FOCUS WALES for many years, and we can safely say there is no better festival to be experienced anywhere else in the UK.

The sheer variety of bands visiting Wrexham from all over the world, the quality and passion in each of their performances, their collective love of our famous town, the perfect sound quality, the multi-venue format allowing for minimal gaps between gigs, the precision minute by minute organisation by the team behind the scenes which always runs like clockwork, the build-up in comms and planning beforehand, the ability to get really close to the action, all the bar staff and venues joining in across a welcoming town… and not sleeping in a tiny green tent in a field every night adds up to nothing short of perfection.

The delegate experience affords the additional opportunity to meet many of the performers and bands in person and see how we might be [able to] help each other out beyond the festival itself.

Review by Karl H.



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Green Lung - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds (19th May 2024)

Green Lung Gigantic Tickets

A great venue and an electric performance

Seeing Green Lung at a venue this small is a wonderful treat, and one I feel will not last for much longer as they scale the heights of their well-earned success, especially with this latest album, This Heathen Land. Not surprisingly, the venue was packed to the rafters, and being right down the front to witness this awesome band at close range was a real privilege.

Their support act Lowen were also in their element, [and] received a fittingly powerful response from the appreciative audience. Much to my surprise, the venue stayed open after the gig and the band were happy to mill around and chat to us and pose for endless photos. Nothing was too much trouble. A very memorable gig and a venue I would be keen to return to.

A special mention to the driver of the Green Lung tour bus who managed to back in an enormous vehicle plus trailer and made it look like he was parking a mini in front of an audience of outside-seated patrons. Worth the price of the ticket alone!

Review by Adele



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Mark Chadwick (Levellers) - The New Adelphi Club, Hull (16th May 2024)

Mark Chadwick Levellers Gigantic Tickets

Top Notch

Have been a fan of the Levellers for years and have never been disappointed with them live. Well done to The Adelphi for getting Mark there and for a superb night to take place.

It was great to hear songs in a different form. Crowd interaction was top notch and Mark seemed to really take to the Yorkshire vibe.

Review by CJ



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Call Of The Wild - Lincolnshire Showground (24th – 26th May 2024)

Call Of The Wild Gigantic Tickets


I’ll start off by saying all the staff were friendly and helpful. The car park is great, next to the entrance. You could go back and forth to your car.

Loved the beer and quick service 👌 Food was top notch (only wish there was a jacket potato stall, I just fancied one, but nevermind).

Now the bands. Well, there is nothing I can say. Just WOW AMAZING!

I will definitely be booking for next year. I would like to thank all those who were involved in putting on a great weekend 👍

Review by Jo



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TØKIO M¥ERS - The Stoller Hall, Manchester (7th May 2024)

TØKIO M¥ERS - The Stoller Hall, Manchester (7th May 2024) Gigantic Tickets

Just Fantastic

I attended the Stoller Hall venue in Manchester and from the moment I walked in I was impressed with the venue, the staff and then came the performances.

The support artist Ana, was amazing, her voice is able to captivate you with how good it sounds along with her stories told in the song. Truly wonderful.

Then came Tokio, his new material mixed with some classical and a bit of pop (but played on the piano) was breathtakingly good. A wonderful place and performances.

Just Fantastic. 😁😁😁😁

Review by Dave N


Kelly Jones - The Gate, Cardiff (13th May 2024)

Kelly Jones - The Gate, Cardiff (13th May 2024)

Simply Brilliant

I loved everything about this show. I've never been to The Gate in Cardiff before, but it was a great venue for a small, intimate gig. The venue were really organised in getting everyone scanned in and wristbands on, meaning there was very little wait or queue time. The venue is a nice size for this type of event, making it feel really special to watch someone like Kelly Jones and the band, like you were a VIP guest.

The sound was amazing, the band were fantastic, especially the string section, and what can you say about Kelly's voice? Just unmistakable, taking everyone on an emotional journey through his new album, and threw in old favourites, which was also fab.

If you get a chance to go and watch this show… do it! I've seen the Stereophonics about six times live, and this is right up there with my favourite shows, as it is completely different from what you would usually expect. Tempted to try and get tickets to see it again!

Will definitely keep an eye on other events at The Gate too, as it was such a great venue for a smaller, more intimate gig.

Review by Dai

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