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#NewMusicFriday (Christmas Edition)

Posted on Friday 21st December 2018 at 12:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Not only is it the weekend but it is just days away from Christmas! Whether you have been naughty or nice, Gigantic is here to bring everyone your #NewMusicFriday playlist – the perfect present for those looking to hear the latest tunes (with a few of our favourite seasonal songs thrown in) plus get tickets to hear all the soon-to-be smash hits performed live.

We hope you have a very Happy Christmas and can’t wait to bring you all the latest tracks in the new year!





Poolside – ‘Everything Goes



Irresistibly attracted to Cuba, LA Chillwave group Poolside have made their way to the beautiful Caribbean isle with directors Greg Tuzin and Brent Bishop to shoot an exploratory video for their euphoric single ‘Everything Goes’, taken from their 2017 LP ‘Heat’.

We wanted to take some chances with this video - to work fast and loose and let the place, the moment, and the people reveal what the video should be. Our only plan was to stuff our backpacks with as much film gear and donated electronics, diapers, toys, and chocolate as we could, meet as many musicians and people as possible, and create a spontaneous love poem to Havana.

The result is a wonderful snapshot of the Cuban countryside, cities, culture and people. A relaxed celebration of the independent island with a unique grace, style and attitude expressed through dance and seen in their everyday life. Viva Cuba!

Poolside tickets are currently available.






Norwegian alt pop band HIGHASAKITE have just released their expansive single ‘Mexico’. The epic synthpop song delicately builds with atmospheric swirling synths before the drum machine kicks in and Ingrid Håvik’s powerful vocals truly begin to shine.

HIGHASAKITE have amassed a staggering 100 streams online following the release of their debut album ‘Silent Treatment’ in 2014 which holds the record for the longest consecutive weeks at No. 1 in their homeland, occupying the top spot for a staggering 108 weeks. It was the start to an impressive career which has even seen them nominated for the Norwegian Grammys.

Mexico’ gives us a glimpse of their upcoming fourth album ‘Uranium Heat’ which is scheduled for release in 2019 which will be the summarisation of many hours work as Håvik explains; “It has been a long process of trying to find songs I am truly happy with… the aim was to be able to write without other people’s wishes in the back of my mind and daring to follow your own vision and taste.

HIGHASAKITE tickets are currently available.

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