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Posted on Friday 28th February 2020 at 16:00 by Gigantic Tickets

Hi Gigantic Gang!


It might be another wet weekend but don’t let it dampen you spirits because it’s nearly the end of the working week and that means we are once again bringing you your weekly dose of recommend hot tune goodness with #NewMusicFriday!


Gigantic always has the very best selection of tickets for gigs and festivals plus we have a weekly blog and playlist packed full of all your fav new earworms that you’ll be rocking to for a long time to come.


We hope you have an amazing time whatever you do with your days off – see you at the front xx







NADA SURF – ‘So Much Love

As fans await the release of Nada Surf’s new album ‘Never Not Together’, their first LP in four years, the NYC indie rockers release a new video for their single ‘So Much Love’. Necessity is the mother of invention, and with the urgency to get the single out quickly they now release a stripped-down promo video directed by Brooklyn-based artist Michael Arthur.

"Since we had only a few days to make the video for 'So Much Love,' we tried to keep it simple, focussing on the band, alone in the dark and gradually expanding the vision to a cosmic sense of love and hope," Arthur said. "We went in not really knowing what we were doing, but staying open to the idea of this expansive love and the collaborative spirit of all involved."

Never Not Together’ will be their ninth studio album and this first taste has been well received by the music press, with MOJO describing it as feeling “like an old friend open to new tricks. Familiar bittersweet flavours are sensitively tweaked but Nada Surf’s cathartic heartbursts remains in perfect harmony” and Rolling Stone calls it "a driving, elegant song about being constantly blown away by the way the passing beauty of everyday life can help free up a heavy mind."

"I've described this song so many different ways. It's about good will between people, it's about our ability to find positivity even while in difficult circumstances, about seeing beauty everywhere by working to reframe our judgement. We're good at feeling good and we're good at feeling bad and we can spend a lifetime navigating that. All this is why it would be so exciting for us to see your interpretation of the song!” – Matthew Caws

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CARIBOU – ‘Suddenly

Innovative Ontario songwriter Dan Snaith continues his endless prolific march with the release of his fifth album as Caribou; ‘Suddenly’.

Born out of incredible hardship, the music for ‘Suddenly’ was being written a member of his wife’s family sudden and tragic death which gave a focus for the record. Whilst there are sombre tones on the album, there is also a sense of joy throughout as Snaith celebrates his friends and family.

These albums are like photo albums for me – when I look back at the old ones, they’re a snapshot of my life at that time, full of people who are close to you”.

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SOCCER MOMMY – ‘color theory

Sophie Allison AKA Soccer Mommy releases her engaging second album ‘color theory’ which is a process of catharsis for the 22 year as she processes ongoing mental health issues plus family problems in a reflective and honest self-analysis.

Whilst ‘color theory’ could have easily become a drab descent into miserable self-obsession, instead Allison has crafted a nuanced and insightful record which applies shades of folk to reverberating indie pop with huge anthemic appeal.

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BROOKE BENTHAM – ‘Everyday Nothing

Promising young musician Brooke Bentham quickly exploded after her singles ‘Heavy And Ephemeral’ and ‘I Need Your Body’ started to get heavy rotation on both BBC Radio 1 and 6music. Having established a widespread following, the South Shields songwriter now drops her debut album ‘Everyday Nothing’.

Despite her early success, Bentham began to experience writer’s block which was triggered by underlining problems hampering her creative process; “I felt very empty and numb. There wasn’t a sadness to it, there was a nothingness to it which I guess is what people say depression is.

Bentham was able to address her problems and channel it into the music with aid of Bill Ryder-Jones, who produced the record and was able to help her create a masterful first album which feels like a fresh take on grunge influences.

I’ve worked with some amazing songwriters in my career. I think Brooke at 23 is well on her way to being up there with Alex (Turner), Saint Savoir, Mick (Head) and James (Skelly). Her lyric writing will be overlooked because of her voice but it is her words that will set her apart from others.” – Bill Ryder-Jones

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THE ORIELLES – ‘Disco Volador

Everyone fell for Halifax based indie wunderkinds The Orielles two years ago with the release of highly acclaimed debut album ‘Silver Dollar Moment’ on Heavenly Recordings; now our love affair continues as the stick with the iconic label to drop second LP ‘Disco Volador’ today.

Following relentless touring which as seen them play support for such innovative acts as Mogwai, Stereolab and Four Tet whilst establishing themselves as a vital festival slot right across the Europe and the UK; siblings Sidonie B (vocals, bass) and Esmé Dee Hand-Halford (drums) plus Henry Carlyle Wade (guitar) have expanded their scopes even further for their idiosyncratic astral boogie having their skills sharpened on the road. The result is a record that glistens with pop precision and glides effortlessly, revealing a young band that peerlessly forges its own innovative path and dares to be crowned album of the year so early on in 2020.

We definitely thought a bit more about what we wanted to make and how we wanted it to sound. We had a clear direction when we went into the studio. Even when we were making the first record we had an idea where we wanted to go with the second, so it's been a long time coming, this one.” – Henry Carlyle

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