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#NewMusicFriday 19.10

Posted on Friday 19th October 2018 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Just when you thought it would never come – the weekend is finally here! And with it comes a whole load of new music that you need to hear. Gigantic is always searching for the best new tunes and we compile them into a #NewMusicFriday playlist, the soundtrack to your weekend.


Plus, we have tickets for the most awesome acts. So, keep scrolling to find out more!






Isaac Gracie – ‘Show Me Love

Having already impressed with his eponymously titled debut album earlier this year, Isaac Gracie wastes no time in returning to the studio to release his new single ‘Show Me Love’. The light-hearted song is somewhat of a departure from his previous material, as reflected in the video directed by Jackson Ducasse which sees Gracie train for the ultimate tennis showdown.


Coming out of the first record I was in a redemptive headspace and wanted to write songs with a more empowered tone and record them in a more optimistic light.

Some of my favourite music videos are the ones that don’t take themselves too seriously; the ones that bring a certain levity to an otherwise potentially over sincere tune.

With this video I wanted to do something in my neighbourhood for the first time; the idea came from the fact that I’d taken up skipping as a means to keep fit over summer and a desire to spoof upon my futile efforts, whilst the tennis game against myself loosely represents the somewhat melodramatic nature of the song, a kind of reflection of the inwardly conflicted state of the protagonist.” - Isaac Gracie


Show Me Love’ is taken from Gracie’s EP ‘Close Up – Looking Down’ which also features a cover of The Strokes song ‘You Only Live Once’.

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Dermot Kennedy – ‘Power Over Me

Dermot Kennedy is known for his stirring music and his latest release is his moody yet rousing anthem ‘Power Over Me’. Produced by Koz and Scott Harris, ‘Power Over Me’ captures the strength of Dermot Kennedy’s voice and was premiered by Annie Mac who declared it her Hottest Record In The World.


The whole song started with just that one idea, that sole lyric of ‘you've got that power over me’. The idea of being totally bewitched by somebody, to be totally under their spell, in a really good way. Just totally enamoured." - Dermot Kennedy


Kennedy has certainly been in demand, having wracked up an incredible 300 million streams showing his global appeal which continues to grow and sees him win new fans every day. Currently on tour, the twenty-five-year-old has sold an incredible 75,000 tickets this year alone as he tours the world.

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Karine Polwart – ‘Ophelia

Multi-award-winning songwriter Karine Polwart is a true folkstar. Named 2018 Folk Singer Of The Year by the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, everyone is excited about her new album 'Laws Of Motion' which features contributions from her long-term collaborators Inge Thomson (accordion, percussion, synths & vocals) and her brother Steven Polwart (guitars & vocals). 


'Ophelia' is the lead single taken from 'Laws Of Motion' and describes the experience of Hurricane Ophelia which tore easterly across the Atlantic Ocean to hit our shores whilst the rest of Europe also faced natural disasters. First track on the album, Polwart calls for greater ecological understanding and reflects on how the world is always interconnected no matter the distance.


When the easternmost Atlantic hurricane ever hit The British Isles, it brought with it Saharan sand and an uncanny light. Meantime, deadly wildfires ravaged Galicia and Portugal, causing black ash to fall as far north as Tallinn in Estonia. Isn’t it time we started acting as if we’re actually sharing the same earth, the same air?” - Karine Polwart

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TesseracT – ‘Juno

Progressive metal band TesseracT have just released their monster track ‘Juno’ which is accompanied with an extraordinary promotional video which really reflects the epic scale of the song through some impressive camera work and special effects.

Bassist Amos Williams is enthusiastic about the filming process; “Technically this was intense as we filmed everything at double speed to get a weird fantasy vibe that was still in time when replayed at normal speed. Of all the tracks we could have chosen to try this technique, ‘Juno’ is not the easiest. But, we think the results show for themselves it was worth it!


Juno’ is taken from their fourth studio album ‘Sonder’ and plays a central part to the record, as band lyricist and vocalist Dan Tomkins explains; ‘Juno’ is taken from their fourth studio album ‘Sonder’ and plays a central part to the record, as band lyricist and vocalist Dan Tomkins explains; “Writing the lyrics for this album was a cathartic experience and I feel that ‘Juno’ is probably the epitome of ‘Sonder’. We wanted to create a video that symbolised the realisation of the constraints that are placed on life. ‘Juno’ is the embodiment of that feeling. Having worked with Dark Fable Media multiple times, I have grown to love what they do and how they operate. TesseracT have wanted to work with them for a long time now, so this video was a real joy to work on.

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Disturbed – ‘Evolution

Metal fans have long flocked to Disturbed, drawn to their ability to bring the hard rock in new and innovative ways. They have risen from the underground to begin to reach mainstream success in recent years.


Evolution’ sees the band addressing a world divided, with the conflicts being exacerbated by a media greedy for attention and too eager to cater to the worst traits of mob mentality with click bait. Aptly titled, Disturbed have pushed themselves to encompass elements of their familiar sound whilst moving in new directions;


 "Melody has always been in our wheelhouse, but when you hear the rest of this record, you'll notice a very tangible left turn. It's markedly different than anything we've put out. The closest thing to some of the stuff on this record would be 'Darkness' from the 'Believe' record. We haven't tried anything like that since then. Now there's half a record full of it. To me, these are some of the most powerful songs we've ever written. I'm brimming with anticipation for people to hear this thing. I'm eager to hear people's reactions." - David Draiman

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