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#NewMusicFriday 15.03

Posted on Friday 15th March 2019 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Is it just us, or is Spring turning out to be far colder and more windy than Winter was?! Oh well, here is the #NewMusicFriday playlist and blog to hot you up! Jam packed with plenty of new tunes and awesome new records making you ready for the weekend. Plus, of course Gigantic has the best selection of gig and festival tickets so you can experience all your favourite acts for yourself.






JAWS are definitely one of the most exciting examples of the new breed of British rock. Taken from their forthcoming third album ‘The Ceiling’ schedule for release on Tuesday 9th of April, ‘FEAR’ is the brooding track you would expect complete with airy synths and echoing vocals.

'FEAR' really pushed us out of our comfort zone in the best way possible. It was sort of the wake up call that we could take this record in any direction we want and still be confident with it. I think it might be my favourite song that we've ever put together, not only musically but for how it opened the door to write the rest of the record. The song is about fight or flight, trying to live via love rather than fear."

The band from Birmingham will be touring in April, stopping to play at Electric Ballroom in London, O2 Manchester Ritz and O2 Institute Birmingham. Grab your tickets for JAWS from Gigantic today!

JAWS tickets are currently available.



BLACK FUTURES – ‘Me.TV ft. Bobby Gillespie

Drawing on elements of punk, techno and even anthemic rock, Black Futures are the London duo fast establishing themselves as essential listening.

Following on from the release of their killer singles ‘Love ft. P.O.S.’ and ‘Trance’ which announced their arrival last year comes their boisterous new song ‘Me.TV’ which rallies against the isolating effect of media and the subsequent alienation from the wider world and nature. It even features a monologue from Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream, known for his pissed off radical politics.

Turn Down Your ME.TV & Turn Up For Your Community’ is one of our expedition club mottos. We are all part of this vast, awe-inspiring web of existence. A community of humans, flora, fauna and seemingly vast expanses of space and time. In these times of division, inequality and turmoil, we want to encourage our fellow privileged earthlings to beat the grip of narcissism and see themselves as a part of something vastly more complex and beautiful. As Brian Eno would call it, the 'Wide Me' and the 'Long Now'.

“Let's burn our brief lives out in a blaze of love, empathy and creation so that it may linger for our children. Let's be brave, step out of our caves and give our time to all those magnificent people running community groups, social justice groups, conservation projects, homeless shelters.... Take your nana to the shops. This song is a blunt joyous call to arms. With our brother and friend Bobby Gillespie we bring you an anthem: an act of defiance. We are all a little afraid of the future... so let's go there together, as friends. MAKE WEIRD & LIVE FREE!”

Black Futures tickets are currently available.





THE COATHANGERS – ‘The Devil You Know

Having formed the band over thirteen years ago, garage rockers Julia Kugel (guitar/vocals), Meredith Franco (bass/vocals), and Stephanie Luke (drums/vocals) AKA The Coathangers needed some time out. Their run is all the more impressive given that the band was formed just for fun as an excuse to blow off some steam and make some noise so it would not have been surprising if the hiatus tipped over into a prolonged pause and eventually a split.

However, refreshed from the rest, the gang got back together to create their riotous new record ‘The Devil You Know’ which has so much fire in its belly, you could be forgiven for thinking it was their over excited debut album.

 “Our combined strength is much more powerful than our individual powers, which is true of us as a band and further to us as a community and society. We’re choosing to be positive, proactive, and vocal about our stories and life experiences, giving up the devil we know. We’re going to uncharted places—looking for truthful existence, one not based on fear of the unknown but one that occurs when you have an open heart to was is real.

The Devil You Know’ is released by Suicide Squeeze Records on CD, MP3, cassette and 2000 BITTERSWEET (Kelly green with white splatter) coloured vinyl. The Coathangers promote their awesome album with unmissable gigs at The Cookie in Leicester and The Soup Kitchen at Manchester during April.

The Coathangers tickets are currently available.



TWIN TEMPLE – ‘Twin Temple (Bring You Their Signature Sound…. Satanic Doo-Wop)

 Sometimes something is so utterly mad it is perfect. Twin Temple is the Satanic doo-wop partnership of vocalist Alexandra James and Zachary James you never knew you needed.

It’s really just a reflection of everything we love. We’ve always loved rock ‘n’ roll, especially from the golden era of American music, but we’re also Satanists and study the Occult. We both practice magick. It was just a crazy idea – ‘Why can’t you love Roy Orbison and hail Satan at the same time?’

A far cry from brutal Norwegian death metal or the campy costume clad shock goth often associated with satanism, Twin Temple have captured a timeless feel of classic rock and roll as heard on their album ‘Twin Temple (Bring You Their Signature Sound…. Satanic Doo-Wop)’.

Twin Temple have self-released 666 copies of their new LP on translucent blood red vinyl complete with their signature, a pamphlet asking "Have YOU Accepted SATAN As Your LORD And Personal SAVIOUR?" plus a secret track recording of their group satanic ritual. Making you ready to sell your soul for your new favourite  

Twin Temple tickets are currently available.




Critics are calling London based experimental electronica and Nu Jazz band The Cinematic Orchestra’s brand-new album ‘To Believe’ “A genuinely remarkable comeback” (The Independent) and “soundscape originators' accomplished return” (The Guardian).

Having been twelve years since the release of their last LP ‘Ma Fleur’, many were wondering if The Cinematic Orchestra were ever going to release another full-length record again. The bar had been set high with their critically acclaimed third album ‘Ma Fleur’ in 2007, owing much to the bold departure in sound from their previous work which marked a considerable amount of development and growth. That spirit of sonic exploration continues across the seven expansive tracks found on To Believe’.

The Cinematic Orchestra remain with Ninja Tunes for the release of ‘To Believe’, a long-term perfect relationship between a label known for collecting and cultivating those willing to pursue new forms of expression and a group relishing the chance to flawlessly execute cutting edge techniques as if they have been doing so for decades. ‘To Believe’ is a rewarding experience for the patient listener, as lengthy tracks elegantly unfold to become a rich tapestry of layered excellence.

The Cinematic Orchestra tickets are currently available.

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