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#NewMusicFriday 11.01

Posted on Friday 11th January 2019 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

It’s the new year and with it comes a whole load of new music to look forward. Not only does Gigantic bring you the best in the form of our #NewMusicFriday playlist, we also let you know all the essential deets behind the tunes plus even bring you the tickets so you can see and hear your new favourite act perform live. Keep scrolling!





FATHERSON – ‘Sum Of All Your Parts’ (Reimagined)

Kilmarnock based alternative rock band Fatherson released their critically acclaimed third album ‘Sum Of All Your Parts’ last September. Now, Greg Walkinshaw (drums), Ross Leighton (guitar/vocals) and Marc Strain (bass) return with an EP which reimagines four tracks as electronic based remixes.

Fatherson tickets are currently available.







Following the release of first single ‘Anti-Social’, ‘Haunt Me’ is the second sampling of ‘So What?’ – the soon to be released fourth album by hard rockers While She Sleeps which guitarist Sean Long promises to be uncompromising and vital; “We’ve let our hair down and we’ve got our bollocks out. I’m not fucking about. I’m not cutting corners. I’ve been writing like this will be my last album.”         

Starting with a challenging statement attacking moral absolutism and reducing individuals to mere binary choice of good or bad, ‘Haunt Me’ is a brutal take down of the current need for constant for perfection in word and deed. The song demands that humans are unable to perpetuate a constant state of sainthood, and that our nuances should be considered before being condemned forever.   

So What?’ is scheduled for release on Friday 1st of March through While She Sleep’s very own label imprint Sleep Brothers.

While She Sleeps tickets are currently available.




We have already had a taste of Sheffield’s mighty metalcore heroes Bring Me The Horizon upcoming LP ‘Amo’ with the rampant single ‘MANTRA’ plus devastating song ‘wonderful life’ which came out of writing sessions for Limp Bizkit and saw them team up with Cradle Of Filth vocalist Dani Filth. But they certainly take a leftfield step with their new single ‘medicine’.

Singer Oli Sykes has previously told his listeners to expect that their experimental sixth studio album would contain “a lot of poppier stuff” and with softer electronic led harmonies, ‘Medicine’ certainly does have the sort mainstream appeal that could see a massive influx of new fans who might not have previously been turned on by them before.

"As a fan, I'd be excited about this album. It's definitely gonna take a few listens, not because you won't like it at first, but because the songs have got so much going on. They're a lot deeper than anything we've ever written before." – Oli Sykes

Bring Me The Horizon tickets are currently available.




Sharon Van Etten returns to the New York of her youth in her powerful new single ‘Seventeen’, pining for spirit of the city which has been somewhat lost amidst the rampant gentrification which has ripped through the old neighbourhoods. It sees her forgo her guitar in favour of a synth led song, which lends itself well to sound of the streets in years past.

A lot of the songs were written on a synth or a ‘70s Korg organ while tracking drums to it. It’s a lot darker and there are more beats. It’s not as acoustic driven and the songs are more up tempo. It’ll definitely be a bigger and darker sound, and a lot more electronic-feeling.

Seventeen’ is the latest single taken from her forthcoming album ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’, with previous released tracks including ‘Comeback Kid’ and ‘Jupiter 4’, which comes out on Friday January 18th on Jagjaguwar Records.

Sharon Van Etten tickets are currently available.



ABERDEEN – ‘Upholds All’ (feat. Bob Reynolds)

Dynamic brass band Aberdeen are the Brooklyn (NY) based brass band who are known for their simple application of melodies which build to tremendous walls of sound and soaring burst of energy to really emphasise their passion. Normally an eight-piece encompassing songwriter Brian Plautz, plus two saxophones, trombone, trumpet, two guitars, bass and drums; ‘Upholds All’ sees them team up with Grammy Award-winning  jazz tenor saxophonist Bob Reynolds.

Bob Reynolds tickets are currently available.



EX HEX – ‘Cosmic Cave

The long wait is finally over! After teasing posts on Instagram last year, indie rock supergroup Ex Hex are finally back with new material! New single ‘Cosmic Cave’ dropped on Wednesday and is a sugar rush of bright guitar riffs and additive hooks. The recording saw Jonah Takagi return as engineer once again, having formally lent a hand on debut album ‘Rips’.

Not only that, the power trio will also be released their third album ‘It’s Real’ through independent label Merge Records on Friday March 22nd. However, their singer and guitarist Mary Timony explains that while the upcoming contains ‘Cosmic Cave’, the single does differ from the album as a whole; “It's more psychedelic. The aesthetic we had in mind for the record was, “Sounds like another dimension.” "Cosmic Cave" feels a little bit more different — more psychedelic, a little more garage rock-y.

Ex Hex tickets are currently available.

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