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#NewMusicFriday 06.09

Posted on Friday 6th September 2019 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Hi Gigantic gang,

Summer may have gone and there are only a handful of festivals left – but don’t worry! There are so many gigs announced over the coming months and the awesome new records just keep on coming. 2019 has been a huge year for music and there’s still a few months to go. Gigantic will be with you, bringing you the hottest new tracks with our #NewMusicFriday blog and playlist.

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DONAE’O – ‘Bonita’ feat. Stylo G

With his tour in December fast approaching, London born rapper Donae'o has teamed up with Stylo G for their reggae infused banger ‘Bonita’. Cowritten with Jin Jin (RAYE, Jax Jones, Jess Glynne) and produced by Jonas Blue, the dream team have created a track which captures all the hot energy and passion of a new romance.

"Making Bonita with Jonas Blue and Jin Jin was an amazing experience. I had just found an amazing woman that I'm still dating now and I was explaining how I felt about her in the song. I only just told her that the song was about her! Stylo and me have the same vibe so when he jumped on the track it gave it the extra icing that it needed to top it all off."

Donae’o tickets are currently available.


Released ahead of their second album titled ‘Under Your Sky’, ‘Waiting’ is the new single from essential Sheffield indie band The Sherlocks. ‘Waiting’ is a huge anthem and sure to become one of the biggest hits of the year. It is combined with punchy song ‘Magic Man’ and ‘NYC (Sing It Loud)’ which recalls their first time touring the US.

Following on their stellar appearances at Reading and Leeds, the Yorkshire troupe are eagerly awaiting the release date for their second album, knowing they are sitting on something truly special:

The first album was us four in a room. We wanted to make it really raw like the Arctic Monkeys’ first album or Kings Of Leon’s. We wanted to capture the live sound and polish it up a bit. With this one we’ve taken it a step further and made it slightly smoother and put more keyboards in. Rather than having the guitars thrashing all the time we’ve tried being a bit sweeter with it. It sounds more contemporary, I can hear it on Radio 1.” – Kiaran Crook

The Sherlocks tickets are currently available.







Australian indie pop songwriter Holiday Sidewinder has become the ultimate representation of female empowerment in her new video for the single ‘Leo’. Challenging patriarchal norms which often relegate women to little more than props, Holiday reverses the roles for her stomping song.

We were referencing that classic Richard Avedon Versace campaign from the '90s, specifically a shot I sent Thom of Christy Turlington in a red patent leather dress with a nude muscle man curled into her side. I also liked the sentiment of that famous Rolling Stone cover where John Lennon is completely nude and Yoko Ono fully clothed, and again he's curled into her. We wanted to flip and subvert the norm and celebrate (maybe objectify a little) the male figure through a fem-gaze. I love to see men embrace their vulnerability and females tap into their strength and power. Balance the scales a little; and where that meets is a glorious and sexy space! We just wanted to create something iconic, playful and funny.

See Holiday Sidewinder take over The Moth Club in London on Monday 9th of September – tickets going fast!

Holiday Sidewinder tickets are currently available.






COMMON – ‘Let Love

Weaving soul and R&B throughout his hip hop, Lonnie Lynn (better known as Chicago rapper Common) returns with his twelfth studio album ‘Let Love’. Dealing with issues of poverty, anxiety and sexual assault; Lynn gives an intimate glimpse into his most intimate feelings and the fall out from being forced to endure the hardest struggles and yet still triumphing;

It’s important that people see there are artists out there who have achieved, but they still have issues they are working through. This is why I talk about therapy and mindfulness and meditation in my songs. It’s why I talk about being molested, and my father. The job of the artist is to not always show the accolades.

Common tickets are currently available.



BEACH BABY – ‘Songs From The Limbo Lounge

Following on from their critically acclaimed 2016 debut LP ‘No Mind No Money’, Beach Baby are back with their sophomore album ‘Songs From The Limbo Lounge’ which they describe as “existential confusion and spiritual dereliction; romantic burnout and sexual dysfunction; quasi-religious encounters; characters riddled with loneliness and comic delusions of grandeur.

What that really means is eleven tracks of 70’s inspired rock complete with nods to glam, funk and even a little bit of lounge – of course! Eclectic and charming, it’s a cracking record from a band awash with ideas which saw them shine out playing around the festival circuit. Catch them showing off the new material at The Moth Club in London on Tuesday 10th of September.

Beach Baby tickets are currently available.




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