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#NewMusicFriday 02.10

Posted on Friday 2nd October 2020 at 16:00

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

Hey Gigantic Gang,

💣   The weekend is nearly upon is and so we’re back with another explosive edition of #NewMusicFriday! It’s the playlist bringing you all the bangers that will soon become your favourite tunes and anthems plus a blog giving you a little background info about the music. If that wasn’t exciting enough – you can even grab tickets to see these hot performers play live You lucky, lucky people!

Have a wicked weekend and we’ll see you all next week xx







WORKING MEN’S CLUB – ‘Working Men’s Club

West Yorkshire upstarts Working Men’s Club have been tearing up and down the festival circuit and electrifiying small venues all around the UK creating a truly dedicated cult following. And despite COVID pushing back the release date, they have finally dropped the first LP which everyone knew was going to good – we just didn’t know how amazing till now with many tastemakers already naming it as THE album of the year!

Signed to iconic indie label Heavenly Records and taking heavy inspiration from such dark synth pop and early pioneering rave greats as New Order, Depeche Mode plus Altern 8; Working Men’s Club are led by Syd Minsky-Sargeant and includes Mairead O'Connor (The Moonlandingz) and Rob Graham (Drenge, Baba Naga) plus Liam Ogburn.

Expect razor sharp dance anthems, brooding beats, neo experimental electronica explosions and all out bangers across ten perfect tracks recorded with the aid of producer Ross Orton (M.I.A., The Fall, Arctic Monkeys) in a Sheffield Studio. GET THIS ALBUM – you’ll thank us later!

Working Men’s Club tickets are currently available.



LANY – ‘mama’s boy

Californian pop rockers LANY have a huge following in the US whilst leading a devoted following here in the UK. Today, they unveil third album ‘mama’s boy’ which looks set to place them in the same mainstream status they enjoy over there.
Written in Nashville to soak in all the rich musical heritage vibes of the country epicentre, the boys came home to the sunkissed studios of L.A., ensuring that a sense of home remains deeply rooted in the heart of the new record.

"To be honest, in the beginning, we didn't really want anyone to know where we were from. We left our own town for a reason because we wanted something different, but as you go around the world and build this fanbase, it becomes a little clearer that maybe you should let people know where you're from" – Paul Klein

LANY have just announced UK shows in support of ‘mama’s boy’! Catch them when they play headline show in Birmingham, Manchester and London in September – tickets on sale with Gigantic.

LANY tickets are currently available.



THE HUNNA – ‘I’d Rather Die Than Let You In

Despite their initial huge success, with debut album ‘100’ smashing right into the Top 20 to become certified Silver and follow up LP ‘Dare’ charting even higher; alt rockers The Hunna have found been plagued with problems thanks to their former label High Time plus management who the Watford based band felt were holding them back. The subsequent legal wrangling’s seemed that the band would collapse penniless and unable to play their own music live ever again.

Channelling their frustrations once they were finally free, The Hunna now return with ferocious third album ‘I’d Rather Die Than Let You In’ which shows that the embittered fourpiece most definitely did take it all personally.

It’s a coming of age album that deals in love and loss but it’s also about our label troubles and getting through the other side. There’s a lot of angst, a lot of revenge and it’s about overcoming adversity. We’ve been through a lot of shit but it’s really fuelled this album. Life is a crazy thing but you’ve just got to pick yourself up and make sure you stay true to yourself. For us, it’s been a huge catharsis for us to record the album and tackle a lot of what we were put through. Now we can move on with this new era of The Hunna.” – Ryan Potter

The Hunna tickets are currently available.


DAGNY – ‘Strangers / Lovers

Ever since she first appeared back in 2015 with the release of debut single ‘Backbeat’, Sandi pop sensation Dagny has marked herself as one to watch. Today, she reveals her first full length record ‘Strangers / Lovers’ which makes good on her promising start and is the euphoric lift you need in your life.

Split into two halves, Dagny documents a deep dive into a new relationship and all the giddy excitement that comes with it on Side A before the bleeding heartache and all the fallout from a breakup as heard on Side B. It’s an exciting concept which evolved out of writing literally hundreds of songs.

I actually sat down and listened to about 250 demos I had on my computer. I made a short list of my 12 favourites and I instantly knew what the concept of the album was.

Wonderfully dramatic, the big tunes keep coming and ‘Strangers / Lovers’ is a real joyride. See Dagny show off her shining new album when she plays Lafayette in London in March!

Dagny tickets are currently available.

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