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Klangstof // Baba Naga

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Posted on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 at 13:00

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Amsterdam based ambient indie band Klangstof is led by Dutch born yet Norwegian raised musician Koen van de Wardt who recruited fellow members Wannes Salome, Jun Christian Villanueva and Jobo Engh to form the band in 2015. Their name is a polyglotism of the band member’s native languages, combining the words "klang” (Norwegian for “echo”) and “stof” (Dutch for “dust”) to give an impression of their spacious sound which ebbs and falls like sand through fingers.

The music reflects van de Wardt need to connect acts almost as a means of therapy for a man feeling a degree of separation for the people that surround him. “The more people that respond to my music the less lonely I feel,” says the singer. But rather than putting himself at odds with the world, he places all his creative energy into creating intelligent transcendent music to form some sort of wider connection. “For me it’s just about getting in the studio and erasing all the bad feelings I have in my mind.

Though their music may have a haunting quality, it always maintains a sense of heart. By being unafraid to present hidden fears and transforming underlying tensions into rhythm a sense of pathos is established which allows the listener to explore their own inner worries and, hopefully, have them collectively expunged creating the very connection van de Wardt appears to so badly need.

Klangstof have announced a special date at The Lexington in London for Tuesday 21st of November. A true treat for anyone with a keen interest in any alternative sounds from post rock to electronica.

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Baba Naga

Swirling and hypnotic yet also steeped in blues rock, the aural exploits of Baba Naga see them dive deep into Indian shamanism which they then interpret through some killer psychedelia. The Sheffield troupe have stocked up on enough effects pedals to create an entire sonicsphere of exquisite noise, exploding on stage every time they play.

Gleefully trippy, Baba Naga are a thrilling high those who need the belly sickening bass heavy rumble of stoner rock. Invoking  a sense of mythos and weaving tales of the death of human created deities and the fantastic promises that lay beyond, they certainly offer more than just your average love song.

Baba Naga join the incredible kraut, psyche and garage rock event Karma Fest. Taking place at Eiger Studios in Leeds, the day festival promises to blow your mind with the many amazing acts, with Baba Naga being one of the main draws.

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