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Introducing #GiganticGigGoer

Posted on Wednesday 14th February 2018 at 18:00 by Gigantic Tickets

Are you a Gigantic Gig Goer? (We sure are!) 

We want to build a close relationship with all of you, encouraging you to share your photos, videos and music experiences with each other. 

By using the #GiganticGigGoer hashtag on your posts, we can all discover some amazing things. Photography, videos, new music, venues and have a great community of like minded music lovers! 

Every week we will be sharing your experiences across our social channels giving you guys, the gig lovers an online shoutout. This will be just the start of a great community of Gig Goers coming together and will lead to bigger things including competitions and blogs featuring you, social media take overs, interviews, and loads more! 

Join a Family of Gig Goers and share your experiences. Discover new music, awesome venues and fellow music lovers. #GiganticGigGoer 

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