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An Insider’s Guide To Getting Tickets

Posted on Wednesday 3rd April 2019 at 12:30

Jimi Arundell

Written by
Jimi Arundell

An Insider’s Guide To Getting Tickets


So just how do you get your hands on the hottest tickets in town without falling foul of the touts?

Gigantic is here to help!



In the wake of the industry’s concerted efforts to take on the touts, we wanted to give you an insider’s guide for getting hold of tickets from your favourite music, theatre and festival event.


1 Subscribe and stay in the know


The best way to know; what’s going on sale and when, is to sign up to our mailing list. You’ll receive regular updates of what is going on sale in advance; can set reminders and have the best chance of getting tickets the moment they go on sale.


Plus, if you’re signed up to receive emails from us, we’ll always email you about an artist or event you’ve previously booked for.


Email not for you? There are other ways…

Get following us on socials…



2 Be ready…


Generally, tickets go on sale in the morning between 9am and 10am (this isn’t always the case FYI) Whatever time your tickets are going on sale

  • Do you have a coffee in your hand?
  • Are you logged into your Gigantic account? You can register in advance if you don’t already have an account which will save your details, making things that little bit easier when purchasing. If you have an account, you can login by clicking on the button in the top right of the page


Right then, prep is done, now we wait for the clock to strike…



3 Stay calm


What’s that thing your parents said but you always ignored? More haste bla bla bla…


We know that tensions are high, you need these tickets… And we want you to have them

Staying calm might sound easier than it actually is, but try and relax, you got this.



4 Have your payment card to hand


Right, so you’ve got the tickets in your basket, you can smell the mosh-pit already, all you have to do is pay. So, don’t make a schoolboy and leave your debit card in your other jeans. Have it ready as tickets are only help for a limited time.


Also, remember that the name you’re using to purchase is the name we’ll put on the ticket order so if you’re booking for your partner (in crime) then it might be easier to put their name on order to save you having to change it later down the line…


5 Miss out? Don’t fret!


If tickets sell out then don’t fret. Quite often extra tickets are added for shows at a later date. By signing up to our event/artist waiting lists, these additional tickets will become available and you’ll be notified.



6 Branch out


Consider your options. Is the artist you want to see performing elsewhere? How about a UK city break to see your favourite band? Or are they playing any festivals this year? If you’re able to be flexible and the budget allows it then tickets might still be available in other locations.


That’s our top tips for purchasing tickets.

Peace out.

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