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20 in 2023

Posted on Thursday 12th January 2023 at 12:00 by Gigantic Tickets

Yeah Yeah YeahsFever To Tell


NYC trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs had only hinted at what was to come on a self-titled EP and Machine. But their true potential was truly revealed on their first full length, unveiling the arrival of one of the greatest bands of all times.

Combing punk rock attitude, innovative guitar looping and gut-wrenching emotional honesty; singles like "Maps", "Y Control" and "Date with the Night" are simply flawless – and no indie disco is ever complete without playing one of these songs!




BeyoncéDangerously In Love


When an album opens with “Crazy In Love”, you just know you’re in for a treat! Dangerously In Love is Beyoncé’s declaration of independence, her first record separate from Destiny’s Child and she sure went big!

Hitting multi-platinum sales around the globe and wining an incredible five Grammys, Dangerously In Love still sounds so fresh today and will always be the perfect soundtrack to the good times.




The White StripesElephant


Prior to Elephant, garage rock duo The White Stripes had been little more than an indie oddity. That soon changed thanks to massive bangers “Seven Nation Army” (which recently had a surprise resurgence as a chant in support of Jeremy Corbyn), "The Hardest Button to Button" and a cover of Bacharach’s "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself", making the band infamous almost overnight.




Amy WinehouseFrank


Not quite THE defining Amy Winehouse record in the way closing statement Back to Black would become, but debut LP Frank was the perfect introduction to the style and sass that would raise a girl from North London to iconic status. Often overlooked by the forementioned follow up album, go treat yourself by giving Frank a spin, and remind yourself of just what a great talent we lost too tragically young.




Jay-ZThe Black Album

Genius East Coast rapper and producer Jay-Z knew he had a hit on his hands, even going so far as to name his intended final career defining record in response to The Beatles’ magnus opus as a challenge to the title to best record of all time.

Smashing straight to the top of the Billboard 200, thanks in no small part to killer tracks "99 Problems", “Encore” and "Dirt off Your Shoulder", it would be his best-selling record of the 00s and thankfully was just the beginning of a hiatus period rather than bowing out of recording entirely.






Ultimate pop-punk band Blink 182 had more than proven themselves on massively albums Enema of the State plus Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, and a lesser band would have happily stuck to their tried and tested formula, taken the money and ran. Instead, their eponymous record saw Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker return with a more mature sound and a harder edge, proving their artistic credibility and producing this hardcore fan favourite record.




The StrokesRoom On Fire


The game changed when The Strokes announced their arrival just two years earlier with flawless debut album Is This It, ushering in and entirely new era of indie sleaze. And whilst sophomore record Room On Fire didn’t quite set the world alight in the same way, it was packed full of enough lit hits like "12:51", "Reptilia" and "What Ever Happened?" to ensure its classic status.




MetallicaSt. Anger


St. Anger is the album that nearly never was. Metallica were close to imploding due to the pressures of James Hetfield’s addictions, fan’s backlash to Lars Ulrich’s war with Napster and the departure of long-time bassist Jason Newsted. Channelling their fury, the band were somehow able to survive thanks to group therapy as seen on their documentary Some Kind of Monster, create their own studio in a former US army barracks and begin a brand-new chapter for the trash pioneers.




Fall Out BoyTake This To Your Grave


Before becoming pop punk poster boy with their breakthrough record From Under the Cork Tree, Fall Out Boy had become an underground sensation with first LP Take This to Your Grave. The unbridled passion captured on the twelve tracks are a reminder of more innocent time when a wide-eyed band were untainted by hype and success.




Death Cab For CutieTransatlanticism


Concept album Transatlanticism explores themes of long-distance romance, inspired in no small part by the strained relations within the band. Burnt out by half a decade of constant touring and recording, Death Cab For Cutie chose to write and record their fourth album in relative isolation from each other, meeting sporadically for five day sessions for over half a year.

The resulting record is a carefully crafted emo-tinged masterpiece, which is oft named by critics as one of the greatest yet under appreciated works of the 00s.






Whilst nu metal would be largely characterised by aggression and hyper (arguably toxic) masculinity, Arkansas band Evanescence would stand apart thanks to their symphonic goth rock sound, introspective lyrics and the strong presence of singer and musician Amy Lee. Following the release of their colossal hit single "Bring Me to Life" which was met with instant international success, they dropped debut album Fallen and stepped onto the global stage.


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