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Conflict fan reviews (5) 4.6

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Venue was great, all support bands were great. Good beer choice

Posted anonymously on 03/03/2019

Conflict, The Maze, Nottingham - 2nd March 2019

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a little disspointed

As Dagnasty once said "never look back" and I'm afraid this is definitely the case with how I felt about this gig. I saw Conflict in the 80's several times when I was young and so were they. I was heavily influenced by the 2nd wave of punk particularly the anarcho movement . This had a massive effect on my way of thinking at the time and it continues to do so all be it to a lesser degree. After a lot of "events" in my life and the addition of several children with the responsibilities/compromises that brings the lyrics didn't really resonate like they did and it was just not the same. It really was only Colin singing with a backing band who were not as tight as the original line up ( or at least not as I remember it - which could be distorted ). When I saw them last in 1988 I recall coming out all fired up excited, proud to be part of something and full of ideas but it just didn't work for me on Saturday. It didn't help that they came on at 11 after a succession bands with 50 year old men ( all men) trying to regain something they had which has now gone - cruise missiles, miners strike, wapping . Can't fault Colin's commitment and I guess it's still important to get certain messages out there though many to me have become very blurred. In particular the importance given to animal rights when they are burning vulnerable people in tower blocks for profits. The ungovernable force slogan some how didn't wring true after 30 years and the compromises the passing of time has brought.

Posted by @podso on 09/04/2018

Conflict, The Maze, Nottingham - 7th April 2018

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great performance

awesome up close venue , support bands were really good, great friendly atmosphere , conflict lived up to everything i hoped for

Posted by ade hunt on 08/04/2018

Conflict, The Maze, Nottingham - 7th April 2018

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Punk at its best!

Punk at its best! A really good night at The Maze. Great support bands

Posted by Emma on 08/04/2018

Conflict, The Maze, Nottingham - 7th April 2018

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Conflict, the Maze, Nottingham.

Conflict played an outstanding set with a stripped down four piece line up that is their best in years. Their set was a mixture of early and later material delivered with an intensity that has never died out.

Posted by Zenon on 08/04/2018

Conflict, The Maze, Nottingham - 7th April 2018

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