Quex Park Tickets

Age restrictions
Children under 5 years of age are not admitted.
Children between the ages of 5 and 14 must be accompanied by an adult over 18, with a maximum of 4 children per adult.
Public transportation
Nearest rail station:
BIRCHINGTON – Via Station Road / Park Lane,
approx 35 mins walk. Please check return journey times before travelling.
Bus routes:
You are advised to enquire locally – Stagecoach is one of several suppliers.
Advise pre-booking within Birchington Village. Drop off and pick up point 20 mins walk approx.
Driving directions
London / Medway:
A2 / M2 / A299 / A253 / then follow concert signs to parking areas.

M20 / Maidstone:
A249 / M2 / A299 / A253 / then follow concert signs to parking areas.

Ashford / Canterbury:
A28 / A253 / then follow concert signs to parking areas.

Folkestone / Dover:
A20 / A2 / A256 / B2050 / then follow concert signs to parking areas.
(Concert entrance from Manston Road, B2050).
NO street parking available. All illegally and inconsiderately parked vehicles can expect a penalty ticket and further charges will be made for the release of clamps or towed vehicles.

Limited on-site parking is available. Customers are advised to pre-book a space when booking tickets.
Two public car parks (ticket meter) are off BIRCHINGTON Station Road.
1st is 20/25 mins walk, 2nd is 30/35 mins walk.
On site Box Office
Open at 1200hrs – 2000hrs for collections. Located at the main entrance, accessible from the car park on Manston Road, B2050.
To facilitate an enjoyable concert with comfortable viewing and a safe environment the number of tickets available for sale is capped. Demand may therefore exceed availability, resulting in tickets NOT being available for purchase on the day.
General rules
Please check the full information that accompanies ALL tickets.




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