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Ralph McTell Tickets

Ralph McTell tickets
Richard Thompson  at Royal Albert Hall, London


Richard Thompson

Saturday 8th June 2024

Royal Albert Hall, London

Doors at 18:45 | Ends: 23:00

About Ralph McTell

More than forty years have passed since Ralph Mctell's first appearance at the Royal Albert Hall. He has now played this wonderful London venue almost a dozen times as both a solo artist and as a guest of artists such as The Everly Brothers and Nanci Griffith, and even named his best-selling live album, Ralph, Albert and Sydney, after this venerable venue.

McTell's career has seen him travel across the English speaking world and throughout Europe, where his classic song "Streets of London" is universally known and loved. Translated into dozens of languages, (most recently Korean and Croatian) it is sung in schools all over the world and often used as a guitar instruction piece for teaching finger style techniques. McTell never seems to tire of singing it and the audience never seems to tire of joining in with the choruses.

But no artist could maintain a fifty year career with only one hit song and McTell's audience seldom needs to request Streets of London. With a body of work represented by well over 300 songs, Ralph varies his stage performances on each tour to include some of this vast repertoire among his new compositions, and each night a carefully conceived program is tailored to accommodate requests from his audience.

It was the sheer number of requests sent in each night that gave Ralph the idea for this very special show.


For this unique Royal Albert Hall concert we decided to let McTell's audience, past, present and future, to nominate ALL the songs to be performed.

Ralph will perform the 20 most requested songs at this very special show.

Details of how to nominate choices of songs will be found on his website:


This will truly be a concert for the loyal friends that Ralph has gained over all the years and as the audience will select what they consider the best repertoire for the evening, first timers will have the benefit of what McTell's fans considers to be the very best of Ralph McTell.

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