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Party Cannon

Party Cannon tickets
Party Cannon  at Beta, Rock City, Nottingham

Party Cannon + GODEATER

Tuesday 31st January 2023

Beta, Rock City, Nottingham

Doors at 19:30

Party Cannon  at Dead Wax, Birmingham

Party Cannon

Friday 3rd February 2023

Dead Wax, Birmingham

Doors at 18:00

About Party Cannon

Brutal Party Slam from Dunfermline, Scotland. PARTY CANNON unveil their long awaited second album, ‘Volumes of Vomit’.

Released on January 14th 2022 via Gore House Productions, ‘Volumes of Vomit’ serves up 9 tracks of pure, unfiltered, IQ lowering Party Slam guaranteed to irreparably damage your health.

“We’ve really taken it too far this time”, states bassist Clankenstein, “if you weren’t hungover before putting this album on, you will be by the time it’s done.”

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